Does Mary Poppins Returns Have An After-Credits Scene?

Emily Blunt plays the Practically Perfect nanny Mary Poppins in Disney's musical sequel Mary Poppins Returns - but does the film have an after-credits scene? It was the Mouse House that first brought author P.L. Travers' magical nanny to the big screen all the way back in 1964, with Julie Andrews playing the character in a role that ultimately landed her a Best Actress Oscar. However, Travers' disapproval of Disney's Mary Poppins adaptation (as detailed in the memoir Saving Mr. Banks) was one of the major obstacles that prevented the beloved musical from getting a sequel until now.

Mary Poppins Returns takes place twenty-five (or so) years after the original Mary Poppins, with Michael and Jane Banks (Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer) having grown up and Michael now a father to three children. Like everyone else in London, the residents of Cherry Tree Lane are struggling in the midst of "The Great Slump"; though, Michael's life is even worse, between his wife having recently passed away and bank lawyers knocking at his door, informing him that he risks losing his home if he doesn't pay back a loan he took out within the week. Enter Mary Poppins, who - literally - flies in to help Michael, Jane, and Michael's children and, hopefully, bring some happiness back into their lives.

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Moviegoers heading out to see Mary Poppins Returns this winter holiday season may be wondering if there's another scene (or more) after the credits begin rolling. Unfortunately, Mary Poppins Returns doesn't have an after-credits scene. The final credits are instead accompanied by Marc Shaiman's score and instrumental versions of the film's songs. They also call back to those for the original Mary Poppins movie by presenting a scrambled version of a certain actor's name (you probably already know who), before the letters rearrange themselves to reveal their true identity.

Emily Blunt Flying in Mary Poppins Returns

While Mary Poppins Returns doesn't includes a credits scene that sets the stage for Mary Poppins 3 - or, really, any direct setup for a third Mary Poppins movie in the sequel proper - it certainly leaves the door open for future adventures with the magical nanny. Mary Poppins Returns itself is based on an original screen story, but also lifts a number of plot points and characters from Travers' Mary Poppins sequel novels. However, seeing as Travers wrote no less than eight Mary Poppins books in total, there's plenty of additional material left that Mary Poppins 3 could draw inspiration for (again, should it come to pass).

Beyond that, of course, it's always worth sitting through a film's end credits (be there an after-scenes scene or not), as a show of appreciation for all time and effort that its crew of hundreds poured into production. That's all the more true for an elaborate creation like Mary Poppins Returns, which is brimming with impressive production values when it comes to the costumes, set designs, and everything in-between. Plus, those who hang around during the movie's credits will get to listen to Shaiman's lovely music one final time before they head back out into the real world.

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