Mary Poppins Returns Set Photos: The Banks Children Are Grown Up

Mary Poppins Returns - Emily Blunt

Mary Poppins Returns has already started filming, with photos having now emerged of Emily Blunt in full costume as the titular nanny, along with images of Lin-Manuel Miranda as lamp-lighter Jack. The sequel to Disney's 1967 hit, Mary Poppins Returns is set in depression-era London and draws influence from P.L. Travers' seven other Mary Poppins novels.

In the original Mary Poppins movie, it was said that the nanny only visits families in need, and indeed she does do a good job of helping Mr. Banks reconnect with his children. This time around, the Banks family are in need once again, but it is the now adult Michael Banks who needs some assistance from his former nanny - since he too has followed his father and become emotionally detached from his children after suffering a personal loss.

Played by Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom) and Ben Whishaw (Spectre) respectively, the first set photos of Jane and Michael Banks in Mary Poppins Returns have emerged. You can check out one such image, below:


Mary Poppins Returns“: Nova imagem do set Ben Whishaw e Emily Mortimer em seus personagens, Michael Banks e Jane Banks.

— Emily Blunt Brasil (@EmilyBlunt_Br) March 9, 2017


Though Whishaw's face is in shadow, the pair certainly look the part, with both in period dress and Whishaw sporting a mustache which would have been fashionable at the time. In homage to the original Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael are all set to go fly a kite; in fact the same kite that their father (played by David Tomlinson) repaired in Mary Poppins. Could we also see a reprise of that famous song in Mary Poppins Returns?

Jane and Michael don't look all that happy, though; maybe their melancholy is part of the reason for Mary Poppins' return? Given that she is back to help Michael after a personal loss, it seems as though that could well be the loss of his wife, since no Mrs. Banks is listed in the cast as yet. If that is the case, then maybe his sister is also trying to help him reconnect with his children by reminiscing about their own childhood.

Mary Poppins Returns also stars Julie Walters as the Banks' housekeeper, Ellen; Meryl Streep as Mary Poppins' cousin, Topsy, and Colin Firth as banker William Wetherall Wilkins. Angela Lansbury will also appear as a balloon seller, while Dick Van Dyke has confirmed he will be playing the part of Mr. Dawes Jr.; son of Mr. Dawes, whom he played in the original movie. Van Dyke will also have a song and dance number in the film. Though news of a Mary Poppins sequel was not warmly received to begin with, the more set photos and details that emerge, the more excitement begins to build.

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