Which Mary-Kate And Ashley Movie Are You Based On Your MBTI®?

The Olsen twins may be crazy successful fashion designers these days, but back when we were all growing up in the 1990s, they were child stars. They started off by taking on the role of Michelle Tanner on Full House and then appeared in many movies of their own. We all know these films super well if we grew up during this time as well, and we definitely begged our moms to let us watch each and every single one of them.

We all enjoy figuring out which MBTI® we are, and it would be fun to learn which of these throwback movies we are based on our MBTI®.

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Read on to find out which Mary-Kate and Ashley movie you are based on your MBTI®.

10 ESTP: It Takes Two

Are you an ESTP or "Energetic Problem-Solver"? If yes, then you are definitely It Takes Two (1995). According to the official description of an ESTP, "They apply common sense and experience to problems, quickly analyzing what is wrong and then fixing it."

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This is exactly what the two main characters, Amanda and Alyssa, do in this incredibly cute movie. When they figure out that they are twins, they also realize that they both want to get out of some truly bad situations: Amanda's an orphan who would rather be adopted by sweet Kirstie Alley, and Alyssa's dad is engaged to the meanest woman ever. They decide to swap and it's a perfect plan. ESTPs are "rational problem-solvers" and so are these twins, in the way that kids can be.

9 ISTP: To Grandmother's House We Go

In To Grandmother's House We Go, which came out in 1992, the twins play Julie and Sarah. Yup, we can guess what this plot is, even if we haven't seen the movie: they go to their grandma's house. But since they go on their own and without their mother, they run into a lot of obstacles. (Fun fact: this movie is directed by Jeff Franklin, who created Full House.)

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If you're an ISTP or "Logical Pragmatist" then your Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie is To Grandmother's House We Go. You can stay chill and figure out what to do when something goes amiss, which is one of your greatest personality traits, and you're also "independent" and "self-determined." You can totally relate to the twins' characters here. They saw what they wanted (to let their sweet single mother have some time away from them) and they made it happen.

8 ISFP: Double, Double, Toil And Trouble

This 1993 Olsen twins movie was Halloween-themed, and it's not crazy to realize that we might have been a bit apprehensive about watching it back when we were kids. It might have seemed a bit scary. But now that we're older, we would definitely love to get our hands on a copy of this movie.

Since the twins work to save their aunt from a curse, this is totally your movie if you're an ISFP or "Versatile Supporter." Having this MBTI® means that you're always trying to help people. You're also "tolerant" and "kind" which also describes the Olsen twins in this movie. They love their aunt and they want to do the right thing. (Awww.)

7 ENFP: Switching Goals

Back in 1999, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appeared in the movie Switching Goals. As the name suggests, they play twins, Sam and Emma, who swap (just like in It Takes Two). The one difference: in this film, the twins play soccer.

The twins want to help each other out and basically give each other a total personality makeover. Sam is interested in learning Emma's feminine ways and Emma has her eye on the prize of excelling when it comes to soccer. If your MBTI® is ENFP or "Imaginative Motivator" then your Olsen twins movie would be Switching Goals. You like "new people and experiences" and you're "curious" so you would relate to how Emma and Sam want to switch things up.

6 ENTJ: Billboard Dad

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played cupid for their single father in the 1998 film Billboard Dad. We can tell that this movie was made forever ago when we think about the girls using a billboard (instead of, say, setting up a Tinder account for their dad or even posting on social media). Some stand-out moments: one of the girls scrambles eggs in a ziplock bag, and they have some truly wild but cute hairstyles.

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The girls are determined and confident and not afraid to put themselves out there. If your MBTI® is ENTJ and you're a "Decisive Strategist" who likes to make choices and put yourself out there as well, then this is your movie. You're "assertive" and "take charge" just like these girls.

5 INTJ: New York Minute

Are you an INTJ or "Conceptual Planner?" That means that you "like to devise innovative solutions to complex problems." It also means that your Mary-Kate and Ashley movie is definitely New York Minute.

The movie came out in 2004 and the twins played Roxy and Jane, two girls who go into the city so they can follow their dreams. Roxy wants to crash a music video and Jane wants to get a scholarship. Both girls are going after what they want and not looking back, and this is a quality that people who are INTJs have.

INTJs don't like "not having a goal in mind." They're also "creative" and "insightful." The girls get into trouble and have to get themselves out of it, so they have these traits, too.

4 ESFP: Passport To Paris

The clothing in the 1999 Olsen twins movie Passport To Paris is so late '90s it basically hurts, so we might not look back super fondly on this particular film. But, needless to say, we watched it and loved it at the time.

The general gist of this movie is that the twins are more interested in having crushes than anything else, and they are told that they have to go to Paris for spring break to have more life experience. There are so many things that they can't do, and they're not exactly having the best time.

If you're an ESFP (and an "Enthusiastic Improviser") then you don't like "detailed plans" or "being restrained by routine." Your Olsen twins movie is definitely Passport To Paris because you wouldn't enjoy having to follow the guidelines that someone set out for you, either.

3 ENTP: When In Rome

While the Olsen twins' 2002 film When In Rome might not be as beloved as the others on this list, it's important since it's one of the last ones that they two made together.

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Honestly, it's not the most memorable movie. It's got a very vague plot -- the twins go to Rome to intern -- and there are some cute boys and mishaps along the way.

Basically, all that you have to know is that the girls were adventurous enough to travel to Italy for the summer. And that means that if you're an adventurous and brave person as well, then your MTBI® is ENTP or "Enterprising Explorer" and this is definitely your Olsen twins movie. You "enjoy complex challenges" and are "lively" and "outspoken." You would follow in the twins' footsteps and go away for the summer, ready for a new adventure, no problem.

2 Also ENTP: Our Lips Are Sealed

This 2000 movie sees the twins playing Abby and Maddie, who go into the Witness Protection Program in Australia. As we can probably guess by the title, the twins can't "keep their lips sealed" about their situation.

Since the characters get followed by some criminals, they figure out ways to beat them at their own game. If you're an ENTP, then your Mary-Kate and Ashley movie is also Our Lips Are Sealed. ENTPs are "innovative in their way of thinking" just like the twins here. ENTPs are also "resourceful" and "lively" and "clever."

1 ESTJ: How The West Was Fun

How The West Was Fun was released back in 1994, and it's probably one of the least popular of the Olsen twins movies. The twins play Suzy and Jessica who travel to a ranch with their dad. The girls are sweet and care a lot about their dad, and they also want to make sure that the ranch is safe from being turned into something else.

If you're an ESTJ or "Efficient Organizer" then this is your Olsen twin movie. The twins have a goal -- keep the ranch as it is -- and sound a lot like the ESTJ official description: "They tend to value order and structure and getting things done."

Is it time to re-watch all of these MK and Ashley movies?

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