Mary Duggar Cause of Death Revealed to Be Accidental Drowning

19 Kids and Counting Grandma Mary Duggar and Michelle Duggar

The cause of death of Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting's Grandma Mary Duggar has been revealed to be an accidental drowning. After Mary passed away suddenly from unknown causes, a 911 call has been unveiled that finally provides answers to the circumstances surrounding Mary’s death.

In some of their social media posts, the Duggars recalled a normal Sunday for their grandmother. Granddaughter Jana Duggar drove her to church and other family members were planning a celebration for sons Jason and James who both graduated from the Alert Academy earlier in the day. The Duggar family, who have not commented on the cause of death, disclosed the news of Mary’s passing on their official Facebook page Sunday afternoon. A number of the family members rallied on social media to remember the matriarch in several tribute posts.

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According to Radar Online, contents of the 911 call released on Wednesday corroborated the information from the report that Mary Duggar was found dead. At 4:37 pm, 911 received a call to send emergency assistance to Mary’s home. In the 911 call, the dispatcher can be heard saying, “Call came in of a possible drowning at [address redacted] ... Big house in the back… Older woman, 14 echo... unconscious. Medics are responding.” Washington County Coroner Roger W. Morris advised that the results of the autopsy will not be released until the investigation is complete. According to the recording, the cause of Mary's death may have been due to drowning.

19 Kids and Counting-Jessa Duggar and Grandma Mary Duggar- Counting On

On Wednesday, the coroner verified to People that Mary’s death was caused by accidental drowning in the swimming pool. According to the coroner, her death happened after she slipped. Though Mary was found in the pool, it was unconfirmed as to whether that was where the drowning took place. The coroner later stated that Mary had indeed slipped, fallen into the pool, and drowned. She was discovered by her daughter, Deanna, but after authorities arrived, they pronounced her dead at the scene.

While the family has not yet confirmed all of the details surrounding Mary Duggar's death, by all appearances it is likely that her death was an accident. As for now, though, the family will no doubt be grieving, and it's very possible that a future episode of Counting On might air a tribute to the late matriarch. However, it remains to be seen how the Duggar family will respond to the death in the series.

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Source: Radar Online, People

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