Marvel’s Spider-Man Has Guardians of the Galaxy Connections

The Guardians of the Galaxy will meet Peter Parker in Marvel's Spider-Man. The new animated show set to debut this Saturday, August 19, will tackle Peter's life as a normal high school kid living in Queens, New York by day and a crime-fighting superhero when the situation calls for it. The concept is quite similar to what Marvel Studios went after with their first live-action take on arguably their most popular character in Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Homecoming, but since the upcoming show has a more serialized type of storytelling, there will be more opportunities to delve deep into the character's mythos, as well as the world that he exists in.

Among the many possible narratives that the series can lift from the pages of the comic books, the Venom storyline is arguably one of the most popular and interesting of them all. And while the cinematic universes (MCU and Sony's) try to figure out how to effectively tell the story on the big screen, the animated series is going ahead and doing a straight-up version of their own. One of the earliest confirmed story arc for Marvel's Spider-Man is that eventually, Peter will come in contact with the symbiote that will give him the Black Suit - a plot point tied with the Venom story. And during his space adventures, the young superhero will meet up with galaxy's favorite rag tag team of superheroes, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Cort Lane Senior Vice President, Animation and Family Entertainment at Marvel, reveals.

Talking to Screen Rant in light of the upcoming premiere of Marvel's Spider-Man, the Marvel boss has teased of the possibility that other superheroes in the Marvel Universe popping in the show, starting with Star-Lord and the rest of his team:

"[We] will have other characters from the Marvel Universe appear, but only as it makes sense for the story. It's never gratuitous. There are some opportunities, and the one thing that we've already discussed is that Spider-Man will have a fully-developed black-suit-to-symbiote-Venom story, and that symbiote is the same symbiote from the same source and the same alien planet as the storylines going on in Guardians of the Galaxy -- those stories will come together. That's one thing that I can say because we've mentioned that before. But characters that operate in the more science-oriented elements of the Marvel Universe will appear as well because their story is so focused on science and the ethics of science."

The route that the Disney XD series is obviously different from how the Marvel Cinematic Universe is crafting the Guardians and Peter's meet-up. The superheroes are set to be introduced to each other under dire circumstances in next year's Avengers: Infinity War when every single superhero in the MCU comes together to thwart Mad Titan Thanos and his minions, the Black Order's universe-altering plans.

While Marvel's Spider-Man obviously will have to retread a lot of established storylines in previous attempts to tell Peter's journey to be a full-fledged superhero, its main difference from other existing Spider-Man projects out there is that it can pretty much do anything in terms of creative storytelling. The current movie iteration of the character, although finally in the MCU, still has to abide by the set lore, as well as, the separation between Marvel and Sony which in a way, sets some boundaries. The Disney XD version, on the other hand, has the opportunity to come up with its own overall arc - something that would only have Peter at the center of it.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man premieres Saturday, August 19 on Disney XD.

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