Animated Spider-Man Series Features Venom & Jackal

The latest animated take on Peter Parker, simply dubbed Marvel's Spider-Man, will see a number of heroes, villains, and storylines pulled from the pages of the comics. As one Spider-Man cartoon comes to an end, a new one usually appears in its place. Just like with the films, the past couple of decades have seen a number of iterations of the wall crawler on the small screen. With Ultimate Spider-Man having finished its run, the next take on Peter Parker's story will once again follow the young hero at the beginning of his superhero journey.

In an attempt to get the word out about the new series, Disney XD has already released a clip of the first episode. In it, we see Peter in his homemade costume taking on a heavily armored Scorpion. The network and Marvel have also been releasing some shorts meant to preempt the series and catch viewers up on the backstory. The first one retells Spidey's origin, while also introducing a number of supporting players. Now, we have even more info on who will show up in the new series.

CBR spoke with Cort Lane and Marsha Griffin, two of the animation heads for Marvel, and asked what fans can expect in terms of villains for Marvel's Spider-Man. Just in the first two episodes, we'll see Vulture, Scorpion, and an antagonistic (but not evil) take on Smythe. We'll also meet an Otto Octavius who's not yet a villain. According to Lane, however, his status will change.

"He has a wonderful arc that’s the reverse of Peter’s. It’s actually beautiful to behold, and we do crazy things with it in season 2. Very excited about that."

Lane went on to discuss some of the other rogues Spidey will encounter in the first season, name dropping some fan-favorites from the comics.

"Jackal is a big villain, and he’s connected to our characters in a very personal way. We worked hard at making the villains and the villain threats personally connected to Peter and the people close to him, so the scopes are not just epic, in terms of saving the city, but also very emotional. And we do a very classic Venom storyline — black suit Spider-Man, trying to get rid of Venom — and I think that’s something we haven’t done in a very long time."

When asked whether the Venom we meet will be Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson, Lane simply responded "One of those!"

Meanwhile, a number of things from the comics will be coming to the show. Dan Slott will serve as a producer, pulling a number of his Amazing Spider-Man stories into the show. Max Modell will take on the role of Peter's principal at his school, a repurposed version of Horizon Labs from the comics. 'Spider-Island' was also referenced as an arc, which will likely be the story that introduces Jackal.

Peter will also be joined by other heroes Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales. When it comes to the latter, our protagonist will even be acting as a mentor of sorts, according to Griffin.

"Peter is just starting to master some of his own powers by the time that Miles winds up getting his powers, so Peter suddenly has to take on the role of a mentor, but it’s a comedy of errors, because Peter’s suddenly put in a position of having to be the guide to someone when he has not yet mastered his own [powers]."

All told, the new animated series looks to be an exciting update on Spidey's early years. And with it airing in less than two weeks, we won't have to wait much longer to find out how successful it is.

Marvel’s Spider-Man premieres August 19 on Disney XD.

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Source: CBR

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