Marvel's Runaways: Character & Powers Guide

Who are the heroes of Marvel's Runaways, and what are their powers? We give you the run-down on Marvel's newest teen super-team.

Another super-show has now arrived on the small screen: Marvel's Runaways, which debuted on Hulu today. This latest addition to the Marvel TV universe is intended to appeal to a younger demographic than the existing Defenders universe on Netflix, or Agents of SHIELD and Inhumans on ABC. However, if 'teen' shows like Riverdale have shown us anything, it's that the age of the heroes doesn't define the age of the audience. While Runaways will definitely be more appropriate viewing for younger fans,  there's little doubt that older fans are still going to be tuning in for teenage powers... and dinosaurs (yes, dinosaurs).

The trailers for Runaways look like a whole lot of fun, and introduce both those dinosaurs and the basic premise: a group of powered teens who discover that their parents are into some spooky stuff, and decide to turn against them and fight. However, this team might not be as well known as some other Marvel heroes, so if you're not quite sure who these new kids on the block are, we've got everything you need to know about the Runaways and their powers.

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Nico Minoru a.k.a. Sister Grimm

Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano) has also been known as Sister Grimm, although (like many of the Runaways) she is known as much by her real name as her 'super' name. Her power comes from a magical artifact known as the Staff of One; in the comics, after she discovers that her parents are dark wizards, she absorbs the Staff when her mother attempts to attack her with it. Since then, the Staff lives in her own body, and she can call it forth to use its magic. Although she is deeply connected to the Staff, Nico seems unaware of just how powerful it could be, with mystical beings such as Dormammu afraid of the Staff in the comics.

In the comics, Nico's use of the Staff is reliant on blood magic, and she has to cut herself in order to call the staff forth. However, in Runaways, Nico will be able to simply use the Staff without blood, a change made because of concerns that impressionable viewers shouldn't watch a hero self-harm. It also seems that the Staff may be a weapon that she physically carries, rather than carrying it within herself. Nico is also described as a 'budding Wiccan' and something of a loner thanks to her Goth style. Despite this, she is a strong leader in the comics, and we are sure to see this come through on the small screen.

Alex Wilder, Nerd Leader

Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz) is one of the Runaways not gifted with any superpowers, and who doesn't choose to use a superhero name. Alex has said that he would rather fight under his own name to try and redeem it. Although he isn't superpowered, he is often seen as the leader of the group, and he uses his incredible intelligence and tactical mind to keep his friends out of trouble. While some of these talents are innate, Alex has also honed his tactical abilities through an obsession with video games, a passion that his parents disapprove of.

Described as another 'loner' and a 'loud and proud nerd', Alex's burning desire is to reunite his group of friends from childhood (although he probably didn't expect the reunion that he gets!). In the comics, it is Alex that discovers the secret passage that the teens creep down to discover what their parents are up to, and it looks like he'll be the driving force behind this event in Runaways as well.

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