While the series has been criticized for its lack of grand spectacle it does feature a major coup as its primary plot lint giving Iwan Rheon a chance to let his character features Maximus stand over large crowds and give some impressive speeches. But that’s not what this new trailer is concerned with, as it takes pains to ensure fans this is a comic book series first and foremost.

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The trailer also offers Medusa more time in the spotlight. Star Serinda Swan proudly declares to everyone involved that she is the queen and no one tells her what to do, all while demonstrating that she’s more than just her hair. Setting action sequences to the tune of Lights Out by the band Royal Blood seems like a fitting tribute to the Royal family and the new part of the MCU that they’ll be exploring. As Maximus himself says, things are going to change for everyone concerned in the Royal Family. It looks like the rest of the MCU better be ready.

Serinda Swan as Medusa in Inhumans Marvels Inhumans Teases A Big Change For Medusa In New Trailer

Previously criticized for playing things too safe, the Inhumans finally seems to be delivering on some unique action sequences. It might not be enough to stem the tide of skepticism, however, and the series’ flat color palette doesn’t fit the colorful comics by Jack Kirby. The Royal family has a lot to measure up to in terms of the series’ IMAX visuals.

This new trailer, however, is a step in the right direction. The Inhuman society looks very different and unusual, and Medusa’s bad hair day seems to be over. All that remains is to see the final footage and find out whether or not things for the Inhumans will continue to look grim or if they’ll really change forever.

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Marvel’s The Inhumans premiers in IMAX September 1 and on ABC September 29.

Source: Marvel’s Inhumans

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