Marvel's Inhumans IMAX Trailer #2: Medusa Unleashes Her Hair

Marvel and IMAX have released the official second trailer for Marvel's Inhumans TV series online, following the show's panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con. The series was created by Scott Buck (who also created Marvel's Iron Fist TV show) and tells the tale of the Inhuman Royal Family, after they are splintered by a military coup and forced to flee their moon-based home base Attilan for Hawaii, down on Earth.

Among the actors starring in the series are Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) as Black Bolt, the leader and king of the Royal Family and an Inhuman whose voice is so powerful that even his (as the Inhumans synopsis words it) "slightest whisper can destroy a city." The Royal Family's own queen Medusa, as played by Serinda Swan (Graceland), naturally possesses some unique abilities of her own; namely, she can control her long, flowing red locks in defense and combat as though they were whips. However, prior to the release of the second Inhumans trailer, the general public had yet to be shown exactly what Medusa's "super-hair" powers will look like, on the small screen.

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The second Inhumans IMAX trailer (see above) only provides a glimpse at Medusa's ability to wield her hair like a weapon, but it should be enough to leave some impression - on both those who are familiar with the comic book iteration of the character and those who are only discovering that Medusa even has this ability, for the first time here. However, the main focal points of the trailer include the literally heightened scale of this Marvel show (thanks to it having been filmed with IMAX cameras) and the aforementioned military coup, led by Black Bolt's human brother, Maximus (Iwan Rheon).

As suggested by the new Inhumans trailer, the tension between Black Bolt and Maximus that ultimately culminates in the latter overthrowing his sibling and claiming the Attilan throne for himself, stems in no small amount from Maximus' frustration with his brother's hierarchical outlook towards humanity... and by extension, his insecurities about being a human in a family of Inhumans, himself. This aspect of Maximus as a character begs comparison to Tom Hiddleston's Loki from the film side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - a character all-but-universally agreed to be the best MCU movie "villain" we've yet seen - and despite complaints about the quality of the special effects and production design in the Inhumans footage that has been released so far, Maximus continues to stand out as a character with the potential to be the series' most compelling element.

Next to Maximus, IMAX appears to be the biggest selling point for the Inhumans TV series at this stage - something the marketing team for the series appears to be aware of, as the structure of this new trailer illustrates. However, with the show's special effects and visuals (including, unfortunately, Medusa's hair-powers) being largely derided by fans, it's difficult to see how the IMAX format would benefit the show, visually. Combine that with the revelation that the TV version of the Inhumans premiere has more footage than the IMAX version and there's all the more reason for fans to simply wait and catch this one on the small screen (assuming they are interested in the first place), rather than during its brief IMAX theatrical run.

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Inhumans premieres in IMAX on September 1, before heading to ABC on September 29.

Source: Marvel/IMAX

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