Marvel's Avengers Updates Thor's Appearance After Fan Criticism

Marvel's Avengers Thor new hair posing

Marvel’s Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics has changed Thor’s appearance from what it was at the time of the game’s reveal. The Marvel’s Avengers Thor appearance change follows a storm of fan criticism of the game’s character designs.

Publisher Square Enix unveiled Marvel’s Avengers at E3 2019 with a cinematic trailer and release date. Many felt the reveal’s lack of gameplay was rather anticlimactic, and general reactions to the game were mixed. Fans felt the heroes’ designs felt like generic, knock-off versions of their Disney MCU counterparts. Coupled with the lack of significant gameplay at the reveal, this made for a rather lackluster debut for a game based on one of the most popular media properties out there. Shortly after the unveiling, Marvel confirmed the Avengers devs were listening to fan criticism, and it seems they kept that promise.

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Square Enix revealed the new look for Thor in a short “character profile” video. Thor’s hair is now pulled back into a half-bun, his beard appears to be more well-kept, and his facial structure seems to have been tweaked to look more traditionally heroic. Following the video’s release, fans on the Marvel’s Avengers Reddit expressed appreciation for the change, calling the new design “sexy” and “soooo damn HOT.” The character spotlight also showed a viking-like costume for Thor, complete with a detailed, winged helmet, more armor and a brown, fur cape, so it’s possible that Thor could receive another costume with his unkempt hair returned for fans of that look. Additional Marvel’s Avengers character profile videos show changed appearances for other characters, as well. The Black Widow spotlight, for example, shows off a different face and hair for the character (which has been similarly celebrated by Reddit users). The videos also showcase more gameplay for each of the characters, giving a better look at combat than the E3 reveal.

Initially teased as the Avengers Project, Marvel’s Avengers will focus on both single-player and co-op play. Part of what made the reveal underwhelming to some was that the game seemed to adopt the live-service model common in AAA games today, with post-launch characters and content being added down the line. Still, Square Enix has said the game will have cinematic storytelling along with co-op, and the company confirmed at E3 that Marvel’s Avengers won’t have loot boxes.

As many of those on the Marvel’s Avengers Reddit had pointed out prior to the changes, design tweaks are rather common in the time between a game’s reveal and release. Nevertheless, Thor’s appearance change does seem to be a positive one. Not only does he look better as a virtual person in a subjective sense, but his design seems more polished overall.

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Source: Square Enix

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