Square Enix's Marvel Game is Marvel's Avengers, Will Be At E3

Marvels Avengers E3 2019 Reveal Announcement

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics' Marvel game has finally gotten a title: Marvel's Avengers, and the game will have more revealed about it during E3 2019 at the Square Enix Live event. Previous rumors had speculated that the game would be making an appearance during the presentation thanks to Infinity Stone-inspired color schemes on some of Square Enix's teaser tweets, and the rumors have now been confirmed by the company just weeks ahead of what will now be one of its biggest E3 presentations ever.

Marvel's Avengers, previously known as Avengers Project, was first revealed in December of 2017 during a brief trailer that teased the massive partnership between Marvel and Square Enix. Since then, there has been virtually no new information about the title outside of studio members indicating it is still in development and is an "ambitious" project for all involved. Avengers: End Game recently became the biggest movie event in the history of the film industry, so now is the perfect time for Marvel's Avengers to debut on stage and capitalize on fan desire for more content featuring their favorite super hero squad. With Infinity Stones being such a major part of the teaser, it's also likely Thanos will be involved, allowing Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics to put their own spin on the infamous villain.

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The news broke earlier today thanks to the sudden appearance of a brand new Twitter account called @PlayAvengers, which has produced only one tweet since its inception. That tweet might end up being one of the most important leading up to E3 2019, though, as it unveiled the existence of Marvel's Avengers and invited fans to join the Square Enix Live E3 2019 stream for more news on June 10 at 6pm PT. Here's the tweet, which has already begun blowing up on social media:

The tweet promises a worldwide reveal of Marvel's Avengers, but doesn't indicate what platforms it will be on or what the game will actually look like in any way. The hashtag of #Reassemble provides a little bit of a clue towards gameplay, though, which might be about reuniting the Avengers after their loss to Thanos. That would certainly be consistent with the thematic elements of the original teaser trailer, which featured discarded and damaged iconic symbols of different Avengers members.

It's not much to go on, but it doesn't need to be—Square Enix has officially made its E3 2019 presentation a must-see event, and fans will eagerly await how the historic partnership between Marvel and Square Enix plays out through developer Crystal Dynamics' talented team and the upcoming Marvel's Avengers.

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Source: PlayAvengers/Twitter

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