Marvel's Avengers According to Louis Leterrier

On the subject of Joe Johnston’s Captain America origins film, he’s seen some of the early work on it and had this to say about it:

“I have seen some of the design work they’re doing for Captain America and it looks amazing. It’s a period piece and it’s like “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and with more gadgets.”

Geoff Boucher then pointed out that Johnston was selected by Marvel for the gig for exactly that reason – he had done art direction for the first Indiana Jones movie and directed The Rocketeer. Leterrier continued:

“Yes, exactly, so it’s “Raiders” meets "Rocketeer” and “Saving Private Ryan.” It’s going to be so cool.”

Leterrier’s certainly excited about the Marvel franchise. Earlier, he praised Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige, for being great to work with along with all the folks at Marvel, and he’s a big reader of the comics.

“You know, you asked about my dream, I’ll tell you my real dream: To work with Joe Johnston and Kenneth Branagh and Jon Favreau and make like a triptych. We do four movies. We release them one a month for the summer. Or even every two weeks or three weeks. And the whole summer would be Avengers summer. So we do it the way they make television shows. One story arc but told in installments by different directors. So all of the directors that touch part of the Avengers world would do a part; we could make the movies shorter, maybe less than an hour and a half, and we use the same sets and save Marvel money. I would love to sit around a table with all of them a kick around the story. That’s my dream.”

Woah! Slow down, buddy. Four Avengers movies?

I think Zak Penn is having enough trouble writing one Avengers screenplay as it is.

As crazy an idea as this is, it would be pretty amazing to see that happen. Leterrier is on to something though and it’s not a bad idea to have two (or more?) films shot in one long shoot to save big time on expenses. More importantly, it would allow them the ability to tell a longer, more fleshed-out Avengers story than they can with a single movie overloaded with characters – which is the current plan as far as we know.

Why not do two back-to-back Avengers films? The market can sure as hell support it, if this summer and last are any indicator. With the many many more comic book films coming out in the next three years, it’s great time window to do something like that. Let's also not forget that Marvel Studios hopes to increase its production capacity in the not so distant future to possibly support up to four major feature films per year.

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