Marvel's Avengers Game Will Get Free Post-Launch Characters & Content

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Marvel's Avengers is going to receive plenty of content after it releases on May 15, 2020. The upcoming Square Enix-published game will add new heroes to its roster over time. However, these new heroes, as well as other additional content, will all be free.

Although Marvel's Avengers was initially revealed all the way back in 2017, it's taken until now to get some genuine finite details on the project. E3 2019 was always going to be the place where fans of the Avengers would find out more, and just ahead of the conference the platforms that the game will be released on were confirmed. As well as this, the game was confirmed for cooperative play at the end of May.

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That cooperative play will end up being a major part of why Marvel's Avengers will be such an enticing prospect for fans. Rather than just a straightforward action-adventure game, instead Marvel's Avengers will allow up to four players to become superheroes together, choosing their characters accordingly. However, the roster of Avengers is going to grow as developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal add more and more heroes to the game.

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These new heroes are also going to be free when released . It would have been an easy - if heavily-criticized - money-spinner if Square Enix had decided to monetize these new heroes, but instead players will all receive the update without any need for money to change hands. It seems as though Marvel's Avengers is going to have a story told over a number of years, so theoretically this game could keep users entertained for some time.

As well as this, some other predatory practices will also be absent from Marvel's Avengers. Loot boxes, which have been a cause of much controversy, are entirely absent from the game, and there will be no pay-to-win mechanics either. Hopefully it will remain this way for the whole of the game's life.

Some players will get extra bits and pieces, though. Square Enix has confirmed that PS4 players will get extra content here and there, and pre-order customers for PS4 will also get access to the game's beta. Hopefully, there won't be too much of a difference between PS4 and other users, however.

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