Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 6: 5 Things That Worked (and 5 That Didn't)

Entering Season 6 of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., fans were left wondering if that was the end of Director Phil Coulson? From the first episode, we knew things were going to be different and by the end, they would never be the same again. While Season 6 was not as intense of Season 4, it added a new element no one saw coming. In terms of acting, it was more of the same, but the storyline provided an emotional rollercoaster that's been missing from AOS. Although the season was short, there was still some great moments and some that just didn't work.

Here are 5 things that worked and 5 that didn't for Season 6 of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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10 Worked: Mack and Yo-Yo

To have one of our favorite couples separated when the season began was heartbreaking, to say the least. But to find out the reason behind it, did make it a little easier to understand. Mack has always had problems expressing his feelings, but taking over as Director, had to weigh heavy on him and his relationship with Yo-Yo.

Did we think they would get back together? Yes. It was just a matter of time. What the Mack and Yo-Yo storyline provided was the missed opportunity between Phil Coulson and Agent May. The feeling was mutual for both but Coulson was so busy trying to be a leader that he forgot about his personal life. This is what Mack had to come to terms with. He won Yo-Yo back because he was honest with himself.

9 Didn't Work: The Separation of Fitz and Simmons

Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Finale Fitz Simmons Separated

How long do we have to continue to deal with this? First, it took forever to get them to admit their feelings and when they finally did, they were separated by time, space, death, and an alternate reality. Once they reconnect in real life, we see them separated again in the Season 6 finale. Just stop it. Like, what have they done to deserve this?

Their one episode in Season 6 did provide fans with better insight as to why they are so connected. As usual, the pair did have their comedic moments but with a shortened season, Fitz and Simmons' followers were cheated out of a blossoming marriage. Hopefully, in Season 7 the writers can get back to what has made them our favorite couple on AOS.

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8 Worked: The Return of Phil Coulson

Agents of Shield Phil Coulson

At the end of Season 5, we knew this was the end of the line for Phil Coulson. The crazy part is, fans were ready for that knowing that the team was left in good hands with its current staff. But to see Coulson not only return to a starring role but also to reemerge as a villain was awesome. It wasn't just the acting he provided, it was the storylines that came with his return.

Evil Coulson challenged the leadership abilities of Mack. Brought back loving memories for May who spent Coulson's last seconds with him before he supposedly passed. But most of all, it was the father/daughter relationship between Daisy and Phil that shaped the last few episodes and made it more dramatic than what it should have been.

7 Didn't Work: No Ghost Rider

robbie reyes ghost rider agents of shield

If there was ever a time to call on Robbie Reyes, Season 6 was definitely it. It's clear AOS had jumped the gun with his appearance in season 4. If traveling to the depths of hell and fighting off another world of demons was always the plan, then why not fight it with a someone built just for that?

Reyes had a connection to Coulson and the inner conflict he and Daisy would have had to fight through the urge not to kill would have been explosive. Plus, imagine Izel taking control of Ghost Rider's body as she did almost every member of the team. The ultimate showdown between him and Daisy would have been on the Avengers vs. Thanos-type level.

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6 Worked: Mack's Leadership

With Coulson dead and Daisy not wanting the position, someone had to take the mantle. Was Mack the best choice? Yes and no. For most of the series, Mack has been a loyal follower but did he have it in him to be the leader Coulson was or the leader they needed? From the start of Season 6, Mack had his doubts about himself. The irony is, he wanted to be like Coulson, but at times, Phil often questioned his actions and decisions.

The one downside of Mack becoming Director was that he had to evaluate his relationship with Yo-Yo. While her relationship with Keller didn't last too long, Mack was still left pawning over the speedster. His team never doubted his orders and when it was time to sacrifice his well-being in order to save others, Mack never hesitated. That's a true sign of a leader.

5 Didn't Work: Deke

Grandson or not, what role does Deke really play on the team? He's had his funny moments, but other than that, he's pretty boring. Deke brings a few laughs but even those are often ignored. I get what the writers were doing in terms of showing us a bit of Fitz and Simmons' future, but he should have stayed in the future. His love for Daisy has not wavered and at this rate, nothing will probably come of it. So why keep him around?

The one good thing he did offer this past season was his brain. If often came in spurts but we did get to see a little bit of Fitz's intellect floating around in that cranium of his.

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4 Worked: Suspense

Is the fake Coulson evil or good? Will Simmons ever find Fitz? Can Mack become the next Coulson, and who will stop Izel? In just 13 episodes, Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D. offered suspense and did their best to tie up any and all loose ends before their final season. The action throughout the 13 episodes was great but fans were still on the edge of their seats trying to figure certain angles out.

The writers were able to do an excellent job with a short season and for the suspense effect, that's what worked in their favor. While some conclusions were a bit predictable, such as the Fitz/Simmons cliffhanger and the Mack and Yo-Yo arc, it was the Coulson approach that had most fans still questioning what happened even after the Season 6 credits rolled.

3 Didn't Work: The Coulson and Agent May Sacrifice

In the season finale, there was a big showdown between Agent May, Coulson, and Izel. What stood out as strange was the way Coulson was still flip-flopping between being good or evil. At one point, he helped May by sending her through the portal with the weapon to defeat the demons. Fans were confused by his next decision which was to go full-blown evil in the blink of an eye.

On the other side of the coin was Agent May. Being stabbed by Coulson was to be viewed as a sacrifice. Her death would have come as a shock, but it was for the good of the team. In the end, she was brought back to life by Simmons with a shot in the neck of some sorts. It would've been great to kill her off as a sign of leadership for her decision.

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2 Worked: Emotion

Agents Of SHIELD Inescapable S6E06

Despite the Science Fiction approach to Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Season 6 was more emotion-filled than anything. Think back to the opening episode where Jemma and Daisy were on the hunt for Fitz. She was so determined to find her husband, that all logic went out the window. Then you have Mack and Yo-Yo who were fighting their feelings for each other while moving forward morning on to what they thought were better things.

To take it further would be the return of Phil Coulson. His return was not just great for fans but it brought up hard to deal with thoughts for May and Daisy. And then you had the brilliant Fitz and Simmons episode where they had to face their fears as a couple. Season 6, as far as emotion, was done on such a brilliant level.

1 Didn't Work: Too Short

What was normally 22 episodes was knocked down to just 13. What that did was limit the writers in terms of a storyline. For instance, what made Season 5 so great was the first storyline which featured Ghost Rider than the second half which focused on The Framework.

In Season 6, everything felt rushed. The "is he or isn't he" Phil Coulson storyline was good but the back and forth of him being good or evil came to fruition too soon. There were too many plaits and too short of a time to give them the proper attention needed.

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