Kevin Feige Confirms MCU Is 'Planting Seeds' For Young Avengers

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige reveals that they are already actively planting seeds that could result in the introduction of the Young Avengers in the MCU. Created by Allen Heinberg and Jim Cheung, the superhero team debuted in 2005 consisting of adolescent members - most of which have personal connections to some of the brand's primary heroes.

Plans for the MCU's Phase 4 may still be unclear right now, but despite assumptions that the franchise is going more cosmic with The Eternals and possibly even Nova, it looks like Feige and his team are also looking to establish new Earth-bound superhero teams. As it turns out, as early as now, the MCU is already starting to set up the Young Avengers.

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During Ant-Man & The Wasp's press conference, Heroic Hollywood asked Feige about any plans for a Young Avengers film. Surprisingly, instead of being coy about it, the Marvel Studios president was actually a bit more forthcoming, saying that they're actively "planting seeds" regarding the heroic team. Feige responded to whether fans will see young heroes like the Young Avengers join either Marvel TV show Runaways or Cloak & Dagger:

“Well…sure. And both of those you just mentioned we talked about for a long time and they went over to be successful TV shows. We’ve always been fans of Power Pack and figuring that out. And yes. So…where and when we would see the evolution of that? I don’t know. And certainly - taking our cue from the comics as we always do – that’s why we wanted Cassie, a very young Cassie in this movie, to be inspired by her father. Just planting seeds.”

Feige's comments, particularly about Cassie, can be directly linked to Avengers 4 casting an older actress for the role. While some presumed it's nothing more than a part of the movie's expected time travel shenanigans, this new bit almost confirms that it's part of setting up the MCU's future. Further backing up this theory is Rudd suggesting in an exclusive interview with ScreenRant that Ant-Man 3 could focus on the evolving father-daughter relationship between Scott and Cassie, similar to how Hank and Hope's bond has been explored in Ant-Man and Ant-Man & The Wasp.

Other than that, there are actually two more indications of MCU's plans for a potential Young Avengers movie. First, it fits well with rumors of a solo Hawkeye movie with a different incarnation of the character other than Clint Barton, perhaps indicating Kate Bishop will be introduced. And second, Feige's separate comments on introducing LGBTQ characters in the franchise could be pertaining to Hulkling and Wiccan. All three of these characters are currently part of the Young Avengers team's official roster.

That said, the project can also pave the way for a crossover between Marvel TV and its big screen counterparts with shows like Hulu's Runaways and Freeform's Cloak & Dagger. Earlier this month, Cloak & Dagger executive producer Joe Pokaski was pretty stoked about several MCU Easter eggs peppered throughout the series, not to mention him hinting at the possibility of Tandy and Tyrone popping in on other MCU properties. Considering that Pokaski was “not allowed to talk about the timing in terms of Infinity War,” the show can easily take place in the future where the two teenagers ultimately become a part of the Young Avengers. Sure they're not originally part of the superhero team, but Feige can definitely change things up to keep it interesting.

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Source: Heroic Hollywood

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