Dark Phoenix Producer Can't Wait To See Marvel's Version Of The X-Men

Dark Phoenix producer, Hutch Parker, is excited to see Marvel Studios take on the X-Men. Parker has been working on the franchise since 2013, beginning with The Wolverine.

After many years under Fox’s ownership, Marvel’s Marvelous Mutants have finally returned home, thanks to Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s assets. Although New Mutants, whose release date was recently pushed back to 2020, will be the final Fox X-Men film, this month’s Dark Phoenix is the last to center on the main team. There has been much speculation about what’s in store for the X-Men following this transition. Although it has been widely assumed that they will eventually be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has also been established that Marvel won’t introduce them anytime soon.

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Speaking with CinemaBlend, Parker explained that he is looking forward to seeing how Marvel will treat these iconic characters. Despite his work for Fox, the producer seems very excited to see what new iterations are coming down the line. Parker stated:

“[Marvel Studios is] incredibly gifted and they’ve done great work. And to see their interpretation of these characters, part of the fun of doing the X-Men movies has been seeing different filmmakers’ takes on these characters, and that’s the opportunity we going to see with Marvel, is to see their take on what they would do with these characters, and I can’t wait to see."

Although Marvel is credited with popularizing the more recent idea of a shared cinematic universe, Fox basically launched the superhero movie landscape as fans have come to know it with 2000’s X-Men. The next film, X2, is still heralded as high point not only for Fox, but for the genre itself. It is true that The Last Stand, the first attempt to adapt “The Dark Phoenix Saga,” was an epic failure. This is a wrong that Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg intends to right. However, the franchise rebounded in fine form with First Class and Days of Future Past. Apocalypse was another misstep and not just in the eyes of fans and critics. Both Oscar Isaac and Sophie Turner had bad experiences working on the movie.

However, Fox’s X-Men films gave us three Wolverine movies as well. The third, Logan, is considered by many to be the best of the entire X-Men franchise. Let’s also not forget the immensely popular and critically acclaimed Deadpool films. In fact, Ryan Reynolds seems to be the only actor in the Fox movies who still has job security after the conclusion of the Disney/Fox deal.

One of Marvel’s strongest points has always been not only how well they know their characters, but how much the company cares about them as well. With Fox’s X-Men chapter coming to a close and Marvel’s plan still in the earliest stages of development, little is known about the team’s future. Introducing mutants into a universe already very well-established without them is not an enviable task. However, after spending so many years fighting to regain the rights to these beloved characters, it’s likely that the House of Ideas is up to the challenge.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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