The 10 Worst Marvel Movies Of The Decade (According To IMDb)

Dozens of Marvel movies have come out in the past decade, but some of them have lower scores than others on IMDb.

Worst Marvel Movies of Decade Featured

Since there have been multiple Marvel movies made over the last decade, some as part of the MCU and others that aren’t, it’s not surprising that some of these films weren’t as much of a success with critics or fans as others. While many Marvel films from the past decade had overall positive ratings, there are some that didn’t fare so well. But, for the most part, even the more poorly rated Marvel films have decent scores on IMDb.

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We’ve collected a list of the worst Marvel movies of the past decade, according to IMDb, and ranked them leading up to the very worst.

10 IRON MAN 3: 7.2

Given that Iron Man was such a success and that it launched the MCU, it’s a bit surprising that both of its sequels make this list. While a 7.2 isn’t a bad score, it’s definitely not as high up there as some of the better MCU films.

It’s not a bad movie, but the villain isn’t particularly memorable, and some of the details of this film start to run together. It just doesn’t stick out compared to some other MCU films, which is likely why audiences didn’t react as well to it.

9 THOR: 7.0

Given how well-loved Thor is in the MCU, it’s somewhat of a surprise to see that his debut film is actually one of the more poorly rated Marvel films of the decade. While Thor himself is a likable character, trying to set up the worldbuilding of things such as Asgard wasn’t done super smoothly.

Thor doesn’t have as strong of a plot as some other Marvel films, and it can be a bit corny without being self-aware. However, it’s still a solid film overall.

8 IRON MAN 2: 7.0

As mentioned above, both of the Iron Man sequels in the MCU are some of the worst-rated Marvel films of the decade. The second film in Tony Stark’s trilogy deals with the issue once again of having a main villain who just isn’t that enticing.

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So, while characters like Tony, Rhodey, and Pepper might be interesting, the central conflict with the villain leaves a lot to be desired. It’s definitely not a Marvel film that many people rewatch as it tends to be more on the average side.


Captain America The First Avenger Poster Art

While many fans love Chris Evans portrayal of Captain America, the first film in his trilogy struggled a little. While the movie has many positives, the action scenes and story of Red Skull tend to be a bit on the corny side and not as compelling.

It’s a good Marvel film, but it’s definitely not one of the best. And, when compared to the sequel of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it’s definitely not near as complex or engaging.


Oscar Isaac in X-Men Apocalypse

While so far all the lesser rated Marvel films on IMDb we're from the MCU, most of the truly badly rated ones are not. X-Men: Apocalypse is the sequel to the more successful Days of Future Past.

This is another example of having an unmemorable villain that just doesn’t stand out. So, while the cast of actors might be strong, it isn’t as well-executed as its predecessor. However, it’s still not a really bad rating.


Amazing Spider-Man web effects

There have been many different Spider-Man movies in the last twenty years, but the first Spider-Man franchise of the decade was The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield.

This movie has an average rating and reflects that there is somewhat of a split about how people feel about these movies. While some people liked the Garfield version of Spider-Man, others weren’t too keen on it. And, there are many other Spider-Man films that are more memorable and unique.


Thor: The Dark World is the last MCU movie on this list. This means that it’s the worst-rated MCU film of the decade, according to IMDb. The story of the Dark Elves and Thor teaming up with the likes of Jane Foster and Loki felt too cheesy to some people.

It’s generally the most forgettable of any of the movies in the Thor trilogy, and it doesn’t really fit in well with other films in the MCU as far as tone. While it’s still not a horribly rated movie, it’s just not all that strong.


The Wolverine (2013) motion poster, ft Logan with katana

The X-Men franchise in film has been a bit all over the place in the past decade. While there have been a couple of hits, there have also been a couple of misses. The Wolverine is the worst-rated X-Men film of the decade, according to the site.

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Considering that there was already a Wolverine origin story movie, this addition felt almost unnecessary. The setting of the film being in Japan definitely seemed out of place with other X-Men movies about Wolverine, and overall, it just wasn’t a great movie.


Amazing Spider Man 2 still

This movie was the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man and the last movie with Andrew Garfield in the role. The sequel has Peter Parker facing against Oscorp as well as Electro, played by Jamie Foxx.

While the cast of this film might be strong, the movie itself wasn’t. It was probably a good choice that there was never a third movie made, especially since Spider-Man was taken in a completely different direction in Marvel movies when the character joined the MCU.

1 FANTASTIC FOUR (2015): 4.3

While many of the movies on this list have average ratings, the 2015 Fantastic Four is the only one that has a truly bad one. It’s the only Marvel movie from this decade that has below a 5.0 rating on IMDb.

Every Fantastic Four movie in the past twenty years has done poorly with critics and fans alike, but the most recent attempt is the worst of them all. The story just seems to be difficult to translate into a film in a way that is believable and engaging.

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