Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic-Con footage and trailer for Black Panther is staying exclusive to SDCC. The studio held its massive 90-minute panel at the annual convention on Saturday, revealing new footage and previews of the MCU’s upcoming movies. Black Panther, due out next February, was one of the movies most heavily featured.

The Marvel Studios panel included a fresh batch of footage from Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman (Captain America: Civil War) as T’Challa and the titular hero and Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger. There was also a new SDCC-exclusive trailer, which reportedly drew a standing ovation from attendees. It appears that, for the foreseeable future, SDCC attendees will be the only ones who were fortunate enough to have seen the footage.

Marvel Studios will keep SDCC’s new Black Panther footage exclusive to the Hall H panel, withholding the new trailer and other footage from an official online release, according to the studio. Screen Rant’s own description of the footage shown at the event includes a seemingly major set-piece involving T’Challa, Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), and Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis). Additionally, a “sizzle reel/trailer” for Black Panther reportedly “took in the full scope of the movie” and revealed that Black Panther’s suit boasts nano-tech features. The trailer also teased battles between Black Panther and Killmonger, as well as a massive car chase scene being teased as one of the biggest action scenes of the year.

Killmonger and TChalla Black Panther Marvel Will Not Release Black Panther SDCC Footage or Trailer Online

Meanwhile, Marvel also showed a new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok during the Marvel Studios’ Hall H panel, and that trailer was officially released online, so the entire panel isn’t shrouded in secrecy. Fortunately, fans can get at least a glimpse of new Black Panther content, as the studio revealed two new posters during the convention: one of Black Panther surveying Wakanda, and another showing new sides of his suit.

The lack of an online release for the new footage and trailer from Black Panther makes you wonder when it would be officially released in another capacity. It’s quite possible that Marvel Studios will attach the next Black Panther trailer to Thor: Ragnarok, which comes out Nov. 3, or as part of a future preview for the franchise. Despite missing out of the new footage from SDCC, Black Panther fans can at least feel excited about the overwhelmingly positive reaction from the attendees who saw it.

Unfortunately, those who were not in attendance at the Marvel Studios SDCC panel will have to settle for descriptions of the footage and remain patient until a new trailer is revealed elsewhere. But based on the first teaser trailer early reactions to the footage, Black Panther continues to look like a promising new entry for the MCU.

Source: Marvel Studios

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