Wolverine's Return to Marvel Will Be Teased For Months

Marvel Comics announces 'special after-credits scenes' in various comic book titles that will tease the return of Wolverine.

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Fans rejoiced when it was revealed that Wolverine was finally coming back to the Marvel Universe after being dead for three years. The character's return was first teased in the one-shot, Marvel Legacy #1. Not much is known about what led to his resurrection, but fans are expected to be given clues in various comic book titles beginning in January of next year.

In 2014, Marvel killed off Wolverine in the miniseries, Death of Wolverine. The series saw Wolverine lose his healing factor to a mysterious virus. The character was pitted against Dr. Abraham Cornelius, the creator of the Weapon X program. After using his claw to slice open containers of liquid adamantium, Wolverine was smothered in the liquid metal. The character was subsequently replaced by his female clone, X-23, who took up his mantle and costume. The "Old Man Logan" version of the character has also become a key character in Wolverine's absence.

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According to CBR, Marvel has announced that Wolverine's return will be teased in "special after-credits scenes" in certain comic book titles, beginning with Captain America #697, Mighty Thor #703,  and The Amazing Spider-Man #794. More appearances could take place in the following months.

Without explanation, Wolverine mysteriously returned with the Space Stone in Marvel Legacy #1. It's currently unclear why the Space Stone is in Wolverine's possession, or what he intends to do with it. Last Friday, Marvel released a teaser image of Wolverine, Star-Lord, and Captain Marvel wielding Infinity Stones. The image came with the message, "They hold Infinity. The countdown begins in February."

This suggests that whatever story Marvel is leading up to with their Wolverine teasers will finally begin to unfold in February. Though Marvel has repeatedly stated they want to take a break from large-scale events like Secret Empire, it appears that Marvel is planning some sort of major storyline involving the Infinity Stones, just in time for the release of Avengers: Infinity War in May of 2018.

Wolverine is one of many major characters returning with the launch of Marvel Legacy. Original X-Man Jean Grey is back and getting her own team, Professor X is revealed to have survived his "death" at the hands of Cyclops, Adam Warlock is returning to get involved in the search for the Infinity Stones, and the Hulk is set to make a comeback in Avengers: No Surrender.

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Source: CBR

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