Marvel Reveals Skinny Captain America As Iron Man In MCU What If

Marvel Studios reveals footage of Skinny Captain America becoming Iron Man in the upcoming What If? animated series for Disney+.

What If...? reveals skinny Steve Rogers taking over the Iron Man suit. Marvel Studios' first animated show, which will be available exclusive on Disney+, will imagine how things would've panned out if certain key events in The Infinity Saga went down differently. The show won't have an impact in the established MCU canon, regardless it sounds like an interesting side project to explore alternate possibilities from the past decade of the franchise.

Jeffrey Wright will play the show's Uatu/The Watcher, serving as every episode's narrative. What If...? will also bring back 25 MCU actors to voice their respective characters. The pool is a mix of still-active ones including Anthony Mackie, Josh Brolin, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Douglas, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Rudd, Karen Gillan and Chris Hemsworth and those who fans haven't seen in quite a while, which poses some intriguing scenarios. No specific release date has been ruled out but it's tipped for a Summer 2021 release date.

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In Marvel Studios' Expanding the Universe now available to stream over at Disney+, fans got their first looks at the MCU shows on the platform. And while What If...? isn't technically part of the universe, they also hyped it up with the reveal of snippets from the upcoming episodes including Peggy Carter (Haley Atwell) getting the super soldier serum to become Captain America. But one striking bit from the footage debuted is the reveal of scrawny Steve piloting an Iron Man-type of suit. Check out the bit below shared on Twitter by user @LordBalvin.

From the looks of the What If...? sneak peek, it seems like pre-serum Steve will remain a key component to Captain Carter's narrative, providing her assistance. In hindsight, it makes sense that an Iron Man armor could've enabled Steve to be at the forefront of the war and help his country without getting the super soldier serum. The question is, who created this suit? The build is bulky, reminiscent of Mark I that Tony Stark made inside a cave with a box of scraps. Perhaps it's Howard Stark who made the armor seeing as Dominic Cooper is set to be involved in the animated series.

A bigger question worth asking given this reveal, however, is who will voice skinny Steve in this specific episode of What If...? The actors set to reprise their MCU roles for the show have been already revealed but without Chris Evans. More recently, the actor shared his thoughts about potentially reprising the role, saying he can never say never, but also wants to make sure that he's returning for a reason. Considering that the animated show has no impact whatsoever in the established MCU lore, him getting involved again through it won't necessarily ruin the ending the character had in Avengers: Endgame which is another concern of his.

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Source: Disney+ (via @LordBalvin)

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