Marvel's WAR OF THE REALMS: What Readers Need To Know

Thor Is Weaker Than Ever Before

Thor Odinson has been fighting on the front lines of the War of the Realms for months - and he's suffered terribly as a result. Malekith actually managed to cut off the Thunder God's left arm, which has been replaced with metal. Worse still, Mjolnir itself has been lost, cast into the sun in order to destroy the Mangog. The Dwarves have been arming Thor with new hammers, each containing just a fragment of Uru and thus granting him his powers once again, but these don't last long before they break under the strain of the power Thor channels through them. While Thor is still a major player in the War of the Realms, he is at his weakest.

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But Is Mjolnir Really Destroyed?

Grieving the loss of Mjolnir, Thor has been unable to accept that his enchanted hammer is truly gone. He's been combing the Sun for it, diving into the star and searching until his hammers melt. Thor #11 hinted that he may well be right; there is still some force residing within the Sun, and it does indeed seem to be responding to Thor's presence.

Aaron has rewritten the history of Mjolnir during his run, transforming it into something far more powerful than ever before. In 2016's The Mighty Thor #12, he revealed that Mjolnir contained a force known as the God Tempest. This was a storm beyond any other storms, hailing from the first days of creation, that found the gods worthy of judgment. It came to Asgard, and found itself confronted by Odin. They were matched, until Odin managed to trap the God Tempest within a chunk of Uru. He had the Dwarves carve that Uru into a weapon, Mjolnir. Through the influence of the God Tempest, Aaron has treated Mjolnir as a character in its own right, burning with a desire to protect and defend. It could yet be a major player in the War of the Realms.

Could Jane Foster Become Thor Once Again?

One of the unexpected stars of the Aaron run was Jane Foster, the human who Thor had loved for a time. In an unexpected twist, Jane proved herself worthy to pick up the hammer, and claimed the mantle of Thor for herself. But there was a price; Jane was dying for cancer, and every time she transformed it reversed the effects of the chemotherapy. She came within an inch of death, sacrificing herself in order to defeat the Mangog, but was saved by Odin, Thor, and the God Tempest. Jane was forbidden from wielding one of Thor's hammers, for fear doing so would kill her, but the comics have recently revealed that the cancer is now entirely gone from her system. It's entirely possible she could choose to wield one or more of the Dwarven hammers that have been crafted for Thor.

War of the Realms #1 is available now from your local comic book store, or directly from Marvel Comics.

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