Marvel Vs. DC Trailer: The Avengers & Justice League Collide

Ten years ago, the idea of a shared comic book movie universe would have sounded far-fetched. At the time, shared movie universes weren't entirely new (in-canon spinoffs have already existed for decades) but when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) appeared in the post-credits scene of Iron Man, teasing The Avengers Initiative, Marvel Studios took the concept of cross-franchise storytelling to a new level - a level that other rights-holders raced to replicate.

Record-breaking success of The Avengers, along with strong box office sales for every single Marvel entry through Phase 1 and 2, made it apparent that audiences were intrigued by the ambitious multi-movie (and even cross-medium) experience. In the following years, several other studios tried their own hand at building shared universes - some were more successful than others. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was intended to lay the foundation for a Spider-Man movie universe at Sony, proved to kill rather than ignite the franchise. The film was such a disappointment for the studio, Sony opted to break with conventional thinking - and take advantage of Marvel's established shared universe, putting a new Spider-Man front and center with The Avengers. The move lead fans to wonder exactly where studios will draw the line in the future? Could the X-Men join the Avengers down the road too - and, if that happens, is it possible that we could eventually see Disney and Warner Bros. join forces and pit Marvel heroes against DC heroes in a single film?

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Seeing Marvel and DC characters share the silver screen is a novel idea - and one that has already happened in comic book form. Assuming that it will be a long time, if ever, until we see a Marvel and DC crossover movie, we took our prior experience creating mashup trailers (such as Toy Story 3: Inception and decided to put together our own extended supercut trailer - featuring fan-favorite Avengers and Justice Leaguers going head-to-head and fist-to-fist.

In case you missed it, check out our epic Marvel vs. DC supercut trailer at the top of the page.

It might sound far-fetched to think that Disney and Warner Bros. would ever team-up to bring both of their superhero squads into one film; yet, as mentioned, it has already happened on the comic book page. Back in 2003, Marvel and DC partnered to co-publish the JLA/Avengers limited series.

In case you missed it, here's a brief breakdown of the JLA/Avengers story:

In an attempt to spare the Marvel Universe from destruction at the hands of exiled Oan, Krona, The Grandmaster strikes a deal to pit his own enemies, The Avengers, against the Justice League. However, when Batman and Captain America disrupt The Grandmaster’s game, existence is dramatically altered – compelling The Justice League and The Avengers to cooperate before the merged reality rips both universes to shreds.

Marvel Vs DC Movies Poster

No doubt, crossing over the MCU and DCEU is a much bigger challenge than co-publishing a limited run comic series. Still, prior cooperation between the two publishers makes one thing clear: if both studios believed that a crossover would get even more people excited about their respective universes and characters, while making them each a lot more money in box office ticket sales, merchandising, and future franchise value, a team-up is technically possible (even if it's not likely to happen any time soon).

Of course, there are also a lot of reasons why the studios would not want to join forces and, regardless of how much money could be made and how much excitement a crossover could bring to both series, the potential downsides are likely to outweigh the benefits - especially in a studio system that isn't eager to take big risks with its most profitable tentpole properties. After all, building shared universes within a single publisher has been no small task and both DC as well as Marvel (not to mention Sony and Fox) have been forced to juggle a lot of shared universe baggage in the process - so, it's especially hard to imagine how much effort, negotiation, and outside-the-box thinking would be required to then unique two already unruly storylines under the same roof.

After all, how many moviegoers would actually want to sit through an explanation of why Superman is fighting the Hulk when most viewers would just want to see the two superheroes throw down? That's all to say, it's probably better that fans rely on fun supercuts to give them an idea of what a Marvel vs. DC movie might look like - at least for now.

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