SR Pick [Video]: Marvel vs. DC the Musical

Marvel vs DC comics with Thor, Superman, Hulk, Spiderman, Wonderman, Quicksilver, The Flash, Captain America, Lobo, Shazam, Batman

If you haven’t had a chance to watch any of the hilarious videos made by "ItsJustSomeRandomGuy," then I highly suggest you head to his YouTube channel HERE and subscribe.  Sometimes movie fans and comic fans can take their passions just a little too seriously and IJSRG has a way of parodying things in the comic book movie universe and making you laugh.

He’s been at this for quite some time now and we’ve showcased his work before on SR, but this particular video has significant meaning because it is his 100th episode. If you aren’t familiar with his work, then let me briefly explain it for you.

IJSRG uses toy action figures from comic book movies and poses them in various positions using stop animation techniques, then lays over dialog and music to achieve a final polished product.

This latest episode is all about Tony Stark/Iron Man singing about what makes Marvel films so much better than DC films. Watch and enjoy below:


And here’s one more for the upcoming DC Comics film, Jonah Hex:


With what appears to be very little effort, IJSRG manages to talk about everything that is wrong with or is not really addressed by most fans and/or movie bloggers. Rhodey being replaced, Iron Man 2’s multiple insane product endorsements, Jonah Hex’s possible box office failings  - and he even managed to throw in Howard the Duck and Steel. Nothing feels safe from this guy’s sarcastic eye and God Bless Him for it.

I hope he continues to make these videos for a very long time and with the current schedule of upcoming films - Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers, Green Lantern, Deadpool and many more – I’m sure he will not have a problem coming up with new material. I do have to wonder how much he has spent on all of those figures though, because he sure has a boat load of them.

Did you enjoy the two videos from Marvel vs. DC and have you watched them all?

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