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Dan Hibiki From Marvel Vs Capcom And Street Fighter

Enough already, Capcom! Dan Hibiki actually began as a way of Capcom making fun of the fighting game characters from rival game company, SNK. As time wore on, he gathered up his own cult of admirers for reasons unknown to most sane individuals. It is

entirely possible that his entire fanbase is an ironic one.

Dan’s move set is awfully similar to that of Ryu and Ken and Akuma and Evil Ryu and what feels like a dozen other characters. The difference is that because the character is a parody of SNK’s Street Fighter rip-offs, he is objectively inferior to the characters that share his same relative skills and attacks. The one saving grace to Dan is that because of his being a parody character, he’s been given a distinct personality (equal parts cowardly and braggadocios) that sets him apart from other characters. In line with that personality, he’s been given some fairly cute attacks -- like signing an autograph and throwing the autographed paper as a projectile.

But an annoying and egotistical (and much weaker) version of a character that essentially gets repeated multiple times has no place in a fighter with such potential for diversity.

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