12 Marvel Villains We Hope Appear In Phase 4 (And 8 We Hope Don’t)

We've seen countless villains in the MCU so far. However, Phase 4 should offer up some completely new faces (and avoid some others).

Everybody loves a good superhero, but the good guys wouldn't be where they are today without a nefarious villain to square off against.

Sometimes the baddies are the most fun, and occasionally, the villain can be so charismatic they end up overshadowing the hero completely.

The fans who root for the villains have been waiting for their turn to get some appreciation, and given how popular Black Panther's Killmonger and Thor: Ragnarok's Hela were, it would seem like that time is now.

We're taking a look at Marvel villains who we would love to see turn up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4. While some of these bad guys are popular, others are a bit more obscure.

Some villains aren't as great as others, and for this reason there are some we hope Disney doesn't touch with a ten-foot pole.

While some villains deserve to be in the MCU, others don't. We're basing this on a variety of reasons, including originality, tone, the intricacy of their storylines, and where they fit in the overall franchise.

From Deadpool and Thanos' would-be love Lady Death to Killmonger's grieving girlfriend Madam Slay and the scary borg-like Brood, here are the 12 Marvel Villains We Hope Appear In Phase 4 (And 8 We Hope Don’t).

20 Hope appears: Galactus


Believe it or not, Galactus may very well be an even bigger threat than Thanos.

While Thanos has been happy with wiping out half of all life on Earth, Galactus won't be satisfied unless he eats the entire planet - and then he'll go eat a whole bunch of other planets, too.

Not only would Galactus give the heroes one of the most precarious challenges they've ever had to face in the MCU, but he would also provide the perfect opportunity to revise the character of the Silver Surfer.

The Silver Surfer heralds Galactus' arrival to a planet, as he seeks out planets containing enough energy to sustain the giant entity.

19 Hope appears: Doctor Doom

Find a poll of the most popular Marvel superheroes ever, and you'll find Doctor Doom somewhere near the top (if not actually in first place) every time.

This is because Doom made a point to terrorize every superhero he could. You'll likely recognize him as the nemesis of the Fantastic Four, a franchise that has never really been successful in film.

However, there are others to choose from. Doom was a major presence in the Secret Wars story arc and faced off against the Avengers in Doomwar.

He even takes up the mantle of Iron Man in Infamous Iron Man.

Infamous Iron Man takes place after Civil War, making it a logical progression from where the MCU is currently at.

Should Tony Stark not survive the fight against Thanos, Doom could show up to try to the fill the void.

18 Hope doesn't: Kingpin

For starters, Vincent D'Onofrio is simply brilliant as Wilson Fisk in Netflix's Daredevil and Marvel has made it quite clear that they are not interested in crossing over their TV series with their cinematic universe.

This is not to say that multiple actors can't play the role at the same time, but if DC is skipping over Grant Gustin in favor of Ezra Miller as The Flash in their extended universe is any indication, a movie version of Kingpin would only sow confusion and backlash.

This is rather unfortunate, given what a prolific presence Fisk claims in the comic books.

As a major nemesis to both Spider-Man and Daredevil, Fisk is one of the most formidable villains Marvel has ever offered.

17 Hope appears: Morbius, The Living Vampire

Supervillain Movies Morbius the Living Vampire

Morbius is a vampire, but not really, since he's still alive, which means that he doesn't suffer all the same weaknesses as your typical creature of the night.

This means that he could come out in the day and make life really difficult for the heroes. It also makes putting an end to his reign of terror more difficult.

However, he still feeds the way vampires do, which makes him very dangerous.

Eventually, Morbius gives up his villain status and promises only to feed on bad guys. So, he's a villain with a redemption arc, which we really haven't seen much of in the MCU.

Morbius would also allow for a Black Cat storyline, and that's always welcome.

16 Hope Doesn't: Enchantress

Marvel Enchantress Art by Javi Garcia

To put it kindly, Enchantress is problematic. The villain's entire MO essentially involves turning men into her servants.

Her victims are willing to do whatever she pleases, as long as she uses her enchanted kiss on them first -which sounds an awful lot like manipulating people with substances, when you think about it.

It's true that Jessica Jones handled the abuse inflicted by the Purple Man very well, but Jessica Jones also had 13 episodes to explore the trauma forced onto its hero.

The Enchantress would likely only be featured in one movie, forcing writers to shorten the story, thereby shortening the impact of the loss of free will that is inflicted on her victims.

15 Hope appears: Lady Death

If the deal between Disney and Fox goes through, Lady Death could be a fun way to blend the Avengers with the Deadpool franchise.

Both Thanos and Deadpool have been in love with Lady Death and have had extensive storylines involving her character.

Though she's technically neutral, and thus not exactly a villain, she doesn't mind tipping the balance between the living and deceased in her favor from time to time.

Her storyline would provide an excellent opportunity for debating the nature of evil. Does certain demise actually make a something evil, even if it's a natural progression of life?

14 Hope Doesn't: Abomination

Abomination is an interesting idea, but only in theory. The evil version of the Incredible Hulk, the mirror image of the hero, is a classic in comic book stories.

However, Abomination is the wrong character to use for such a tale.

Following an evil Captain America could give us an eye-opening look at the dangers of propaganda and public image.

An evil Spider-Man could open up all kinds of conversations on nature versus nurture and the corruption of youth. Could he be redeemed, or is he doomed even at a young age?

However, Abomination squaring off against the Hulk would likely end up feeling an awful lot like Godzilla vs. Kong.

It would just be two giant beasts beating each other up for two hours.

13 Hope appears: The Brood

Take one part Alien franchise and two parts Body Snatchers, mix thoroughly, and get ready to scream in terror at the result. This is the horrifying Marvel villains The Brood in a nutshell.

The Brood lay their eggs inside hosts, much like the Chestbursters. They then assimilate into the hivemind (just like the Body Snatchers). The unfortunate victims end up losing their identities and ultimately their lives in the process.

A movie featuring these villains would offer body horror, identity insecurity, and more than a little bit of Miss Marvel kicking butt.

So, these guys are perfect if you can’t get enough Brie Larson and/or you're interested in the idea of a Marvel sci-fi horror movie.

12 Hope appears: Mephisto

Black Panther has proven that Marvel movies don't need to be filled with non-stop jokes to actually be successful.

They can be more serious, with large, grim world consequences, since audiences are interested in movies with substance.

Mephisto would absolutely provide a darker, deeper turn, unlike anything Marvel has ever explored before.

Phase 4 has already promised a tonal shift from what we've come to expect in the MCU. Who better than to kick off a new tone than a giant devil torturing souls?

Glib, meta jokes and sarcastic banter just wouldn't feel in place in a movie with such a villain. We also haven't had many Marvel films that specifically focus on the villain's story.

This could be Marvel's answer to DC's Suicide Squad and planned Harley Quinn and Joker movies.

11 Hope Doesn't: Arcade

Comic Book Criminals Arcade Marvel Villain

To be fair, if Arcade were a goofy DC villain that showed up on The Flash, the episode would probably have the same campy fun vibe as the episodes with Mark Hamill's Trickster.

Despite the fast-paced fun and jokes that frequently appear in the MCU, Arcade may actually be too over-the-top to appear in Phase 4.

To make matters worse, Arcade has a penchant for making pop culture references and forcing superheroes to endure real-life video game mini-games that could end in their sudden demise.

This sounds very close to Steven Spielberg's nostalgia-packed Ready Player One.

Odds are high that a movie based on Arcade would feel too cheesy and too much like a rip-off of other films.

10 Hope appears: Onslaught

The evil combination of Professor X and Magneto? Yes, please. Should the deal between Fox and Disney go through, Onslaught would be a fantastic way to bring the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The villain essentially sets about making Charles Xavier's vision of a peaceful society between humans and Mutants a reality. However, he does this in a manner only Magneto would love.

Onslaught essentially tries to spark up a battle between humans and Mutants but ends up deciding that everyone deserves to lose their lives.

The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men all attempt to put a stop to Onslaught's reign of terror, as does another popular villain, Doctor Doom.

This is one way to top the star-studded Infinity War.

9 Hope Doesn't: Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill holding Stormbreaker

We’ve already seen Loki and Thor squabble over the throne. Hela even showed up to throw her horn-covered hat into the ring.

These stories were interesting considering their family history. All three of Odin's children had, at one point, been told that they were the true heirs to the throne.

Their dysfunction family was very much created by their own father. We were given the ability to explore the emotions of a broken family whose members all had somewhat justifiable reasons for their actions, prompting debate over who was most in the right.

A random alien/evil Thor fighting for control of Mjolnir would feel too similar to the ground that the MCU has already covered.

Also, without that family connection, Beta Ray Bill would not really be necessary to the franchise.

8 Hope appears: Madam Slay

Madam Slay is the logical villain for Black Panther 2. She is the girlfriend of Killmonger who becomes utterly heartbroken following the loss of the love of her life.

Madam Slay ultimately seeks revenge against Black Panther, and briefly brings Killmonger back to life.

Any opportunity for a Michael B. Jordan cameo is one that should be taken. Plus, with its focus on equality and the disenfranchised, Madam Slay fits right in with the tone of the Black Panther franchise.

The franchise treats its female characters with the same respect offered to its male characters, so it’s likely that her story would be handled with respect.

Not to mention, a cheetah versus panther fight could be pretty cool.

7 Hope appears: Grim Reaper

Eric Williams was mistreated by his parents. He was insulted by his mother and ignored by his father. Because of this, he was always destined to become a villain.

His struggles could open up a new dialogue about nature versus nurture and the importance of emotional intelligence in transitioning into adulthood.

We do know, thanks to Black Panther's immensely popular Killmonger and Thor's Loki and Hela, that sympathetic villains can do quite well in the MCU.

With his heartbreaking origin story and eventual redemption arc (Williams takes the fall for his brother after he steals money from his company), Williams could be an incredibly compelling character that offers a unique look at the complexities of morality.

6 Hope Doesn't: Femizons

To put it quite frankly, the Femizons are redundant and offensive. We already have DC's Amazons, who are graceful, strong, wise warriors who care deeply for their tribe and whose princess extends that emotional generosity to humanity at large.

The Femizons wouldn't be anything like the Amazons - at least not if they are at all faithful to the comics.

The Femizons are more like caricatures of feminism. With how slow Marvel has been to truly accept female heroes, focusing on a group of man-haters who keep male servants wouldn't be a good idea.

This group would need to take lessons from Diana Prince on wisdom and pragmatist first. That, or Marvel could just skip them altogether.

5 Hope appears: Electro

Yes, Jamie Foxx already played Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but Tom Holland's Spider-Man is now able to crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which opens up so many doors for this iconic villain.

For example, the franchise could explore the fact that Electro is actually Red Skull's son, which would be an extremely interesting twist for casual viewers.

Electro has worked with the Vulture in the comic books, so this character is a logical next step for future Spider-Man movies.

He'd also be a key link to meld together many of the previous MCU movies that have dealt with Red Skull's plans for domination in the past.

Though Electro was present in the comic book Civil War storyline, and the boat has unfortunately already sailed and he can't be included in the movie version.

4 Hope Doesn't: Soul Strangler

Black Panther takes on race relations in a way that is fresh, relevant, and desperately needed in today’s society. It comes from a place of respected and communication.

His nemesis Soul Strangler, however, is a bit different.

Black Panther fighting the literal embodiment of the hatred of the KKK just might be a bit too on the nose.

Marvel would be better served to continue asking hard, previously unexplored questions that shine a light on the daily struggles of people around the world, rather than turning one of the MCU's most successful franchises into a caricature of itself.

3 Hope Doesn't: M.O.D.O.K.

Superior MODOK from Secret Avengers

M.O.D.O.K. is such a genius that he is a literal egghead. His body consists of a giant, misshapen head with tiny arms and legs.

Because of this, it would be extremely difficult to take him seriously if he ever appeared in the MCU. Not to mention the fact that M.O.D.O.K.'s comic book storylines often went over-the-top in terms of cheesiness.

While is fine in the books, the MCU has been trying to keep things a little more realistic while still providing a fantasy atmosphere.

Even overlooking all of these issues and assuming that the necessary CGI is done properly and that the story well-executed, the character simply didn't have much of a purpose outside of ending life, which is right there in his name.

2 Hope appears: Lilith

Lilith is the mysterious and powerful creator of the vampires. She is a pre-Sumerian goddess, the antithesis of everything that Thor stands for, who just so happens to also be a practitioner of dark magic.

Marvel execs have promised that Phase 4 will focus on more women. We also know that many of these women will be heroes, which is great.

However, more female villains should also be included in the MCU.

Seeing women in both good and evil roles would make a for a refreshing change of pace.

Lilith's dark storyline and ancient origins would make for an interesting movie and a change in tone from Marvel's more modern, updated themes.

1 Hope appears: Sofia

Killmonger taught us that villains with a sympathetic backstory are infinitely more interesting than those that just want to rule the world.

Sofia had an abusive childhood, which is why she adores Black Widow and wants to be just like her. However, she takes that admiration a little bit too far and ends up attempting to take the Black Widow mantle for herself.

If all goes well, a Black Widow solo movie should be in the works any day now. So, a female-driven film featuring a female hero and villain would be a nice change of pace from what Marvel has had on offer up until now.

Also, with the promise of a more female-driven Phase 4, including Sofia could certainly be an option.


Can you think of any other villains we need to see in MCU's Phase 4? Are there any others that should be avoided? Let us know in the comments!

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