Marvel's Venom Is Getting A Massive Event Next Year

Spider-Man villain Venom

It seems like just yesterday that a little black ball of Klyntar-based goo got stuck to everyone's friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. Yesterday was over 30 years ago, and that little parasitic alien skin grew up into a fully fleshed out villain, which then became a hero thanks to bonding with Spider-Man’s friend Flash Thompson. Coming full circle in the pages of Marvel comics, Venom recently found its way back to a morally ambiguous place, as new host, Lee Price, has big plans to make his alien co-dependent work for him in a criminal manner.

However, it seems as though Price isn’t the only one with big designs for Venom, as the House of Ideas has something pretty special planned for him as well.

Marvel’s Inhumans vs. X-Men promotional calendar, which informs comic book retailers about the inter-team battle, as well as upcoming events, hinted at some big news from the symbiote world. As Comic Book discovered, the promo included an advertisement for Venom #150, which arrives next year in the merry month of May. The eye-grabbing illustration shows Venom scaling a building, while holding onto a certain Web-Head and teasing “the biggest Venom story in ten years!

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Without any further details, it’s difficult to determine exactly what the new arc will entail, aside a chance for Venom to catch up with Spidey. Venom #1 recently rebooted as an ongoing series, and the symbiote's new host doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with it's heroic ideals. The length and terms of their new alliance is a mystery waiting to unfold, though. Since the Venom story arc kicking off in May is numbered at #150, the current reboot may follow a different timeline or serve as a short-term offshoot which resolves under its own power. However, whoever is enshrouded by the symbiote doesn’t appear to be having a heart to heart with Spider-Man.

At present, Spider-Man is dealing with some major troubles in his own in the Spider-Verse thanks to The Jackal and his The Clone Conspiracy. Depending upon the fallout from the event and how the latest Venom saga plays out, Venom's current host could hoodwink the wall-crawler into thinking he's the new, improved symbiote who's bonded with his pal Flash. It’s also possible, however unlikely, that the series will bring back a classic host like Eddie Brock or Mac Gargan. There’s still plenty of time for speculation and new details from Marvel before Venom hits back in May, though.

The resurgence of Venom offers another exciting possibility: with recent talk of a standalone movie in the works at Sony Pictures, there could be a connection. Admittedly, Marvel put the symbiote on a heroic trajectory before Sony and Disney reached the cooperative agreement allowing Spider-Man to join their Cinematic Universe. A new series and a Venom-based event could signal the beloved character's return to the big screen and certainly would be a great way to stir up hype for the classic Spidey-Venom dynamic. We’ll keep you posted as Marvel releases further info about their plans for a very Venom New Year.

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The “Untitled Venom Event” begins with Venom #150 in May of 2017.

Source: Comic Book

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