Marvel: Ultimate Alliance May Re-Release On Current Consoles

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance re-releasing on PS4 and Xbox One

Superheroes have conquered the international box office quite decisively over the last decade, and with that conquest has come a similar dominance of ancillary merchandising -  including, toys, spin-off TV series, clothing, and so forth. But while superhero video games have existed for even longer than the current wave of blockbuster movies, the genre has not always found consistent success in the interactive realm.

While a handful of classics like the Playstation 2-era Spider-Man games, the Batman/Arkham series and popular arcade-era adventures of the X-Men and Avengers stand-out, there have been numerous cheap cash-ins and assembly-line tie-in superhero video games released in the past. However, one of the all-time standouts is the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series - and it appears those games are making a comeback.

The re-release was first reported by Gematsu, who noted that publisher Activision had registered new ratings for the two Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games (along with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron) with the Taiwan Game Software Rating Information Board. This indicates that all three titles were submitted in reference to re-release on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Viewed as a follow-up to the popular X-Men Legends titles, the Ultimate Alliance games were top-down team-based action RPGs set in the Marvel Comics universe - where players could form a rotating team of Marvel superheroes to carry out missions as part of an expansive comic-style storyline. Emphasizing gameplay and content, the series was prized by fans for its robust variety and impressive scope; with players able to assemble customizable dream-teams of their favorite Marvel heroes and upgrade them with alternate costumes and power-sets culled from the history of the source comics.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance characters

The original Ultimate Alliance game involved a superhero task force assembled to thwart an unexpected global power-play by Doctor Doom, which required the team to travel to multiple regions of the Marvel Universe including Latveria, outer space and Hell itself. The sequel loosely-adapted the then-recent Civil War storyline from the comics, with heroes forced to choose sides over the Superhero Registration Act - and alternate endings depending on which team ultimately won the day.

It's not clear yet if the Ultimate Alliance games are being arranged for a physical re-release or as downloadable titles; though since there's been no mention was made of an HD remastering, new features or (in the case of the two Marvel titles) bundling, it would seem that download is the more likely answer. While re-releases of last-generation hits on physical disc are not unheard of, both Sony and Microsoft have largely focused on streaming and download services as their main delivery system for such titles - with Microsoft utilizing disc-unlocked downloads as the Xbox One's answer to backwards compatibility.

We'll let you known when/if Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 become available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gematsu

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