Confirmed: 3 Live-Action Marvel TV Shows In The Works

Disney Marvel TV Shows

It has been confirmed that there are currently three live-action Marvel TV shows in the works.

One of these projects is the new Hulk TV show that we reported on last month, the second is likely a live-action Cloak & Dagger TV show (which was rumored along with the new Hulk show) and the final show has yet to be confirmed, but names like The Punisher and even the more obscure Daughters of the Dragon are being thrown around the rumor mill.

The confirmation that we'll be getting more Marvel TV came from an interview that the Wall Street Journal conducted with Disney CEO Robert Iger. Check out what Iger had to say about Disney's plans for Marvel Entertainment (and read closely):

"[With Marvel] we've taken back distribution, or bought back distribution from [Viacom Inc.'s] Paramount, for some critical franchises. Notably, "Iron Man 3" will be distributed by us, and "Avengers." We're developing three live-action series for ABC and ABC Family. You can buy Marvel products at Disney stores. And we're working on Marvel games."

We already reported on the fact that Disney bought Iron Man back from Paramount, The Avengers was surely part of the blueprint when Disney bought Marvel, so really these three TV shows are what we're curious about.

punisher tv show

The fact that the shows seem to be headed for ABC and ABC Family is definitely a pivotal factor in all this. I mean, I think we could all see a Punisher TV series working well on say HBO or AMC (even on FX), but ABC and ABC family (which Disney owns) don't seem like the venues for a character mired in such gritty, bloody violence like Frank Castle is. (Though, to be fair, Lost had it's fair share of shocking and violent moments.)

There are plenty of characters in the Marvel Universe who could work well in a TV format, and would also stand to gain a bit of exposure to the mainstream. I for one think Cloak and Dagger would be prime candidates, while also being appropriate for the ABC/ABC Family crowd. For those who don't know, Cloak was a young boy with a stutter who was wandering the streets of New York, while Dagger was a privileged young girl from the Midwest who fled to NYC to escape her neglectful stepmother. After a chance encounter, the two became friends and all was well until they were kidnapped and experimented on with a synthetic drug, which awakened their latent mutant powers.

Cloak and Dagger TV Show Marvel Disney ABC

Cloak has the ability to teleport himself and others through the dark void which is his body, while Dagger can take out foes via solid light projectiles. The pair ultimately decided to use their abilities to help other runaways, as well as fight against drug dealers and other criminals preying on the streets.

Cloak & Dagger already has shades of Heroes and/or No Ordinary Family coded into its premise - though some people may not look at that as a good thing. I was a big fan of Heroes in its first season, and truth be told, I've been enjoying No Ordinary Family so far - though I'll admit it still needs to find its footing in the excitement department. But if Cloak & Dagger sticks to the simplicity of its premise, and casts some engaging leads in the titular roles, it could definitely work.

Daughters of the Dragon, on the other hand? It's a really obscure Marvel property (read about it HERE), but again, the premise - a female samurai and badass detective with a bionic arm team up - could not only work well as a weekly TV show, but in some ways would be more efficient than even Cloak & Dagger. Think about it: two hot female leads with practical powers ( meaning less visual F/X), an easy weekly procedural format, plus the show would be a perfect spring board to a Heroes for Hire movie.

Daughters of the Dragon TV Show

We'll keep you updated as more news about these Marvel TV shows gets released, but for now, which characters besides the Hulk would YOU like to see on the small screen?

Source: Wall Street Journal

Cloak and Dagger Image from Norke @ DeviantARt

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