Every Marvel TV Show Coming To The Disney Streaming Service

A whole host of Marvel TV shows are expecting to release exclusively on the Disney streaming service, Disney Play. Disney intends to launch their new service, a rival for Netflix, late next year. It's considered the Mouse House's biggest, strategic priority once the Disney/Fox acquisition is complete, and every Disney subsidiary is expected to play its part.

All Star Wars and Marvel movies are leaving Netflix by 2019 and will be moved to the streaming service. Meanwhile, the launch is being used as an opportunity to expand the MCU with a whole host of original content. Marvel Studios is known to be working on a number of six-to-eight-episode-long, big-budget TV shows, intended to rival the very best that's available to Netflix and Amazon Prime subscribers. So far, all the confirmed and rumored Marvel Studios TV shows have been spinoffs from the movies, featuring big-screen stars like Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Mackie. But it's also possible Marvel Studios will use these to introduce entirely new ideas into the MCU; given Kevin Feige's recent comments about Ms. Marvel, for example, a lot of fans are hoping Kamala Khan's story will be adapted into one of these series.

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It's as yet unclear whether or not Disney intend these shows to drop an entire season at a time, as with Netflix, or whether they'll instead choose a more traditional weekly drop. Recent comments from Feige have hinted at the latter; he's talked about how these will exploit the traditional long-form structure of the comics, with cliffhanger endings and "to be continued" moments being a major part of that medium. But what can viewers expect to see on the Disney streaming service?

Falcon/Winter Soldier

There are reports that Marvel Studios has tapped Empire writer Malcolm Spellman to write the script of a limited series starring Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It's the first of Disney's streaming shows known to have hired a writer, thus meaning the project is probably the furthest on in terms of development. Both Disney and Marvel have declined to comment, and it's as yet unknown where this series takes place in the MCU timeline.

Although Mackie and Sebastian Stan have worked together on a number of previous Marvel films, the two characters haven't really spent much time together. The show is most likely based in the aftermath of Avengers 4; although both Falcon and Winter Soldier were "dusted" in the cliffhanger ending of Avengers: Infinity War, it's safe to say that Avengers 4 will either avert or undo the snap and bring everyone back. After all, Infinity War's ending killed a lot of characters known to be returning, including Spider-Man and Black Panther.

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Chris Evans has already confirmed that Avengers 4 is his last MCU film; given that's the case, it's perhaps significant that this series unites two of Steve Rogers's closest friends and allies, both of whom have inherited the mantle of Captain America at different times in comic book history. There's heavy speculation that this could be inspired by the 2007 comic book arc "Fallen Son," a powerful series that explored the impact of Captain America's death upon his nearest and dearest.

Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen has never been a fan of a solo Scarlet Witch movie, but it seems her character will be getting a series on the Disney streaming service. The Scarlet Witch show was one of the first confirmed when news of the new series broke in September, and it will also reportedly feature Paul Bettany's Vision in a major role. It's possible the relationship between Vision and Scarlet Witch will be the main focus of the series.

This Scarlet Witch series is easily one of the most exciting prospective shows. Olsen and Bettany work together well, as demonstrated most potently in Avengers: Infinity War. As with the Falcon/Winter Soldier series, this is most likely set in the aftermath of Avengers 4; although Vision was brutally killed by Thanos, there are strong rumors Vision will return in Avengers 4. In the comics, the relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision is one of the most fascinating (not to mention complex) plots of all time, and it will be fascinating to see how Marvel Studios reproduces this.

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Meanwhile, the recent Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary teased that Marvel is preparing to retcon Wanda's power source. "Whether [the Mind Stone] altered her or merely unlocked something latent inside Wanda," the book reads, "the Infinity Stone on Loki's scepter bestowed incredible powers of the mind." This comment is commonly seen as a hint that Wanda may be retconned as a latent mutant in the MCU once the Disney/Fox acquisition has been completed. If that's the case, then the Scarlet Witch series may begin the process of incorporating the X-Men into the MCU.


The final confirmed TV show is one centered around Loki, starring Hiddleston as Marvel's most popular villain. The God of Mischief has been a major player in the MCU to date, but it's as yet uncertain whether the show will explore his past, a side-story never seen in the films, or even - should Loki return from the dead in Avengers 4 - his future. Hiddleston himself is carefully avoiding ruling out whether or not Loki secretly survived Avengers: Infinity War; all he'll say is, "Your guess is as good as mine."

In Hiddleston's view, should Loki have a future in the MCU, his next battle should be to finally control his own mind. "All these motivations were actually misguided," he observed. "Needing to be king, needing the love of his father. And actually, it's something in himself, this kind of self-rejection or self-disgust that he hasn't fully realized." The actor would like Loki to go on a journey of self-discovery, a concept that sounds remarkably similar to Al Ewing's Loki: Agent of Asgard comic book series.

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