Rosario Dawson Unsure of Her Future With Marvel TV

Marvel TV actress Rosario Dawson, who first appeared as Claire Temple in Daredevil, seems to be pondering her future in the MCU.

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Rosario Dawson appears uncertain of her role as Claire Temple in the Marvel TV universe on Netflix following the upcoming second season of Luke Cage. Following her roles in 2005's Sin City and its long-gestating 2014 sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Dawson stepped up her involvement in comic book-inspired projects in 2015, beginning with the first season of Marvel's Daredevil. Playing Claire, a nurse sympathetic to Matt Murdock/Dardevil's (Charlie Cox) cause, Dawson became the only actor to cross over into Marvel's other Netflix series Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and most recently, The Defenders, but did not take part in The Punisher.

Eventually becoming the love interest of Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Dawson, not surprisingly, is back for another turn as Claire in Luke Cage season 2, which begins streaming on Netflix June 22. Playing a pivotal part of the action in each of the series she's appeared in, Claire has become as important to the success of the shows as the title characters with special gifts who have been fighting the deadly crime element of New York City for the past three years.

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And while fans have just under a month to find out what's in store for Claire in Luke Cage Season 2, it appears Dawson is already looking beyond the series and her future involvement with Marvel TV. According to ScreenGeek, Dawson said at MCM London Comic Con over the weekend that she is open to the possibility of reprising Claire for more, but at the same time her personal commitments as a parent seem to have her thinking otherwise. She said:

“I don’t know if I’ll be back after this, to be honest, but it’s been an amazing few years. I’ve been on a lot of different shows. I mean, I don’t know if maybe they do a third season of Luke Cage potentially, or maybe if they figure out some kind of way for me to be on The Punisher – just so I can feel like I’ve done every show. But it’s been like, my daughter is in high school, so I kinda wanna not be 3,000 miles away for work.”

Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson)

It's completely understandable for Dawson to want to move on from Marvel TV should she decide to do so, considering the commute from Los Angeles to New York is a long one for someone whose family is rooted on the West Coast. Should she decide to do so, or if any of the Marvel TV series make the decision for her, there's no question Dawson's presence will be missed. Having dozens of credits in film, Dawson, apart from Sigourney Weaver in The Defenders, was arguably one of the most notable acting veterans to appear in Netflix's Marvel ventures, so the presence she brought as Claire will be definitely be missed.

Barring an unforeseen demise of her character in Luke Cage Season 2 (and the way Dawson is talking, that doesn't seem to be the case), it would only make sense that Dawson come back to Daredevil for season 3, since that's where Claire was introduced. Fans will only know for sure when Daredevil returns later this year, and hopefully in the interim, Netflix can find a way to work Claire into the storyline for The Punisher season 2. So while it appears that Dawson is ready to say goodbye to Marvel TV, fans shouldn't fret her exit just yet.

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Source: ScreenGeek

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