Marvel: Everything You Need To Know About The Inhumans

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The Inhumans of Marvel Comics just don't get enough attention, but thanks to an exciting announcement from Marvel, we think that's all about to change. Soon people will be seeing a lot more from the Inhumans, and so we think it's about time people learnt a little bit more about their race in order to be prepared for them to take the world by storm.

While they haven't always been the most famous group in the Marvel Universe, they have played important roles. Certain Inhumans have been members of teams like the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, as well as having their own team within S.H.I.E.L.D. In fact, there's a lot of interesting stories about the Inhumans out there. Luckily for you, we have pulled together all the most interesting facts and stories about the Inhumans and put them all in one place. So without further ado, let's get started. Here are 15 Things You Need To Know About The Inhumans.

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The Kree in Marvel Comics
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15 They were created by the Kree

The Kree in Marvel Comics

The Kree are a race notorious for their constant efforts to evolve, and so it might not come as a surprise that they have tried experimenting on other species. One series of experiments searched for a way the Kree could benefit from interbreeding with others species, and primitive humans were chosen to be the experiment subject.

When they were conducting these experiments, the Kree unintentionally created another race separate from humans - hence the name The Inhumans. They were abandoned on Earth by the Kree to fend for themselves. The species became independent, and separated themselves entirely from the primitive humans, creating their home city of Attilan. This city proudly went on to be ruled by the royal family of the Inhumans, currently led by Black Bolt. They also proved themselves more evolved than the humans, and went on to develop advanced technology way before the humans did.

14 They first appeared in Fantastic Four #45

The Fantastic Four and The Inhumans

Although they may not have reached the same level of notoriety as some characters or species in Marvel Comics, the Inhumans do have a long and notable history in the comic books. Their first appearance in the comics came with Fantastic Four #45, which was published way back in December 1965. However, their history in the comics goes back even further than this first appearance.

Members of the Inhuman race, Medusa and Gorgon, both appeared in earlier issues of the same series - with Medusa appearing in Fantastic Four #36 and Gorgon appearing in Fantastic Four #44. Not only this, but other signs of the Inhumans can be found in comics that go even further back than that. For instance their home, the city of Attilan, was first mentioned way back in March 1941 in Captain America Comics #1. With a history dating back to the 1940s, its surprising that they are only now beginning to take a proper role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

13 Black Bolt is arguably the most powerful

Black Bolt - Inhumans

It's always difficult to determine which character is the most powerful in a group of superheroes, but when it comes to the Inhumans most would argue that it's Black Bolt who takes the crown. As well as quite literally having the crown - he is king after all - his various appearances as well as awesome powers have built up a fairly solid case.

Not only was he the king by birth, but he also was born with power levels that were far higher than what the regular Inhuman has. This is due to the fact that his parents would experiment on him before he was even born, and genetically altered him to be superior. Among his many powers, the one he is most associated with is his sonic scream. Just by speaking, he can shake a whole city, and it's been suggested that if he were to shout at full power he could split a planet in two. His powers have even been known to defeat the Hulk!

12 Black Bolt was once replaced by an impostor

Black Bolt sitting on a throne surrounded by Medusa and her hair

One of the most intriguing stories the Inhuman have been involved in was when their king Black Bolt was secretly replaced with an impostor from the Skrull race. The impostor was discovered when he revealed himself to the Illuminati, only to be immediately killed. It is uncertain as to exactly when Black Bolt was replaced by the Skrull impostor, but it could be when the sudden rift occurred between Medusa and Black Bolt in Silent War. It could also explain Black Bolt's later defeat by the Hulk in World War Hulk, who Black Bolt has defeated at other times.

After the Skrull duplicate of Black Bolt was discovered, it was found that Black Bolt was being held prisoner by the Skrull. The Skrull intend to use his voice as a powerful weapon to create widespread destruction and chaos, and they attacked Attilan while they had him prisoner. Luckily, with some help from their creators the Kree (who happen to be sworn enemies of the Skrull) they were able to rescue Black Bolt and restore order.

11 They gain superpowers through Terrigenesis

Dante - Inhumans

Most of the Inhumans that we know about have some insanely awesome powers. Just some of the powers Inhumans have been known to have include duplication, energy blasts, death prediction, teleportation, and telekinesis. With all these inhumans roaming around with all these different powers, you may be wondering how they got them. Well, Inhumans aren't in fact born with these powers but gain them through a process of Terrigenesis. Sometimes they deliberately trigger the process, other times it can happen by accident or can be set up by others.

Terrigenisis is a process that was developed by the Kree that occurs when Inhumans are exposed to the mist that is produced by Terrigen crystals. It is a process that can enable the Inhumans to have superhuman powers by unlocking and activating Inhuman genes. While the process is occurring, the Inhuman is enveloped inside a big, stone-like cocoon that enables the powers to develop and the changes to occur. They go in like a regular inhuman caterpillar, and come out like a crazy powerful butterfly!

10 Without Terrigenesis they're still different to humans

Gorgon of the Inhumans

Although the Inhumans share a lot of DNA with us humans, there are some significant ways in which they differ This is partly due to the Kree's modifications of them, and partly due to their selective breeding, which they underwent for centuries in order to to advance. Although they generally rely on Terrigenesis to gain powers, some of their natural abilities are already super impressive. The average lifespan for an Inhuman is estimated to be 150 years. Not only this, but when in good physical condition they possess strength, speed, and endurance beyond human capabilities.

However, with their differences also comes a slight disadvantage for them. Most of the Inhuman species are adapted to an environment free of germs and pollution, and so they can have difficulties tolerating the Earth's air and water pollution for certain lengths of time. Yet another reason why we should start fight against global warming!

9 Inhumans are living among us

Ms Marvel Kamala Khan

The Inhumans are often able to pass as humans, especially if they have not undergone the process of Terrigenesis. This is largely because they originated as humans and so we share much of the same DNA as them, not to mention that we share the same home planet. Despite usually sticking to their own home city of Attilan where they have their own society, it is evident that there are Inhumans living among us.

Some of these Inhumans or Inhuman descendents are completely unaware that they are in fact Inhuman, having always been under the impression they were normal. This has become apparent in different stories in which Inhumans living as humans have been exposed to Terrigen crystal mist and begun the process of Terrigenisis. Sometimes this has happened by accident, or sometimes other Inhumans have done it as a way of unlocking their population and gaining power.

8 A fish oil supplement once revealed Inhumans on Earth

Inhumans marvel comics

This is perhaps one of the strangest pieces of trivia about the Inhumans you could come across. Yes, a fish oil supplement became responsible for revealing inhuman descendents that were among the general public. It all happened after the war against the Inhumans, when Terrigen Crystals were dissolved into the ocean. This led to Terrigen mist being absorbed into the ecosystem. Fish that were near the dissolution were then used to create Nature Max Supplements Fish Oil, a brand of fish oil pills that were sold in stores to the general public. Any descendents of Inhumans who took these pills consequently went through Terrigenesis and developed extraordinary powers.

This obviously led to them standing out from the crowd, and soon a new organization called the Advanced Threat Containment Unit began to contain these individuals, believing them to be aliens. Later, the newly transformed Inhumans were being killed; they were being targeted by the Inhuman Lash, who seeks to keep his race strong by eliminating the weak.

7 They created their own slave race

Alpha Primitive in Marvel Comics

It seems that just like the Kree created them, The Inhumans have tendencies to create new species. However, they did it with a very strong intention in mind - they wanted to create slaves. The Inhumans resorted to creating their own race of slaves as a result of their extremely low population count at the time. The race that they created is known as the Alpha Primitives.

The Alpha Primitives turned out to work pretty well. They were bred to be strong, but with low intelligence so as to avoid any kind of uprising or rebellion. Of course, this plan wasn't perfect and they've revolted in the past. However, for the most part they served their purpose well. The Alpha Primitives was that they lacked the ability to reproduce, allowing the Inhumans to control their population completely through cloning.

Black Bolt felt that keeping slaves was terrible, and tried to free the Alpha Primitives at one point. It didn't last long, though, as it was discovered they were incapable of independence.

6 They will be fighting against the X-Men in December

Will the X-Men-Inhuman Feud Finally End with 'ResurreXion'?

December is set to be an exciting month for Marvel fans, and a big month for the Inhumans in Marvel Comics. At Comic Con it was announced that there would be an X-Men vs. Inhumans comic coming out in December. It will mark the first official crossover saga comic between the two sides, and it is promising to be explosive.

It is no secret that tensions between the two sides have been building for a while now. One key event that has helped tensions reach an all time high is the Terrigen mist that Black Bolt released across the Earth. The mist has began to activate many Inhumans living among the general public, but it also caused the mutants to be weakened. This means the army of Inhumans will grow, and the X-Men will definitely be pissed. It's promised to be a battle of epic proportions, with plenty of characters - including Ms Marvel - set to get involved. It really is the perfect Christmas present for the Marvel fanbase!

5 They are enemies of the Watchdogs

The Watchdogs in Agents Of Shield

The Inhumans have caused their fair share of commotion on Earth, and particularly caused chaos when living among humans. The Watchdogs have taken notice, and they are not happy to share the Earth with the Inhumans. The Watchdogs is a group of armed and very angry humans, who plan to eliminate the Inhumans. After a number of Inhumans in the population emerged, the Watchdogs formed negative opinions of the race and began to post online about it. The group has committed acts of terrorism in their mission to eliminate the Inhumans, and have made enemies of the organization S.H.I.E.L.D along the way.

The radical hate group is lead by Felix Blake, who is a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and has used this to the group's advantage. The group has had nine known members so far, but at least four of the members have been killed and another two have been put in custody. The group is therefore relatively small, and doesn't seem to currently be powerful enough to carry out their intentions.

4 They formed a S.H.I.E.L.D. team called Secret Warriors

Secret Warriors in Agents Of SHIELD

When groups like the Watchdogs discovered that the world was full of Inhumans, they sought to destroy them. S.H.I.E.L.D., however wanted to make use of them and get them on their side. They started the Caterpillars program to find these individuals, and went on to train them and use them to their advantage. It was also a way to help these people who realized that they were Inhuman to feel as though they belonged. The team they built went on to become the Secret Warriors. The group often took on HYDRA and Lash.

The Secret Warriors appeared on Marvels TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and were among the first Inhumans to crack the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clearly they must have done something right, as the Inhumans have now been deemed worthy of their own TV series. Unfortunately though, the Secret Warriors is now dismantled.

3 They formed the organization HYDRA


After creating the Inhumans by accident, the Kree hierarchy felt they'd made a big mistake and tried to wipe out the Inhumans. In order to do so, they created an immensely powerful Inhuman called the Monolith. When this didn't quite go as planned, Monolith ended up being banished to the planet Maveth. However a small cult of Inhumans had by this point become followers of Monolith, and believed him to be destined to rule because of his immense powers.

This cult ended up forming a secret society in order to attempt to bring Monolith, who they saw as their leader, back to Earth. This group became known as HYDRA and throughout its long history has usually been seen as a criminal or even terrorist organization. Throughout time the society has evolved and gone through different changed and names, but has been most widely known as HYDRA. However, despite its long history the group's current status is defunct.

2 They have a royal family

The Inhumans Royal Family

Another important fact to know about the Inhumans is that the Inhumans society is lead by their own royal family. This royal family is becoming an important part in Marvel now more than ever, as it has been announced that the Inhumans TV show will be following the story and adventures of their royal family. And knowing what they're royal family are like, we can't help but get crazily excited over this.

Allow us to fill you in on the basics. The two main names you need to know for the Inhumans royal family are Black Bolt and Medusa. Black Bolt is the notorious king of the Inhumans, and is incredibly powerful. Medusa is his wife and the Queen of the Inhumans, and has been known to take power in Black Bolt's stead. There are plenty of other Inhumans in their royal family, but the other name you really need to know is Maximus, who has made several attempts to usurp the throne.

1 They have a TV series coming

Kevin Feige Confirms Marvel's Inhumans Is Still Planned

Perhaps the most exciting and relevant thing you should know about the Inhumans, is that they are soon set to star in their own TV series. The TV series by Marvel Television, which was announced on November 14th, will be airing on ABC network sometime in their fall 2017 schedule. The first two episodes of the series will also be filmed with IMAX digital cameras, and shown in IMAX theaters before its television debut.

The announcement came as somewhat a surprise for fans, many of whom had been lead to believe the Inhumans project had been given up on. It was initially announced that there would be an Inhumans movie, and it was scheduled for released in 2019. It later disappeared from  Marvel's schedule, leading many to believe that the project had been cancelled.


What other facts about the Inhumans should we all learn before the TV series? Let us know in the comments below.

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