Jeph Loeb To Head Marvel Television Division

Marvel will oversee any future television projects that involve its many lucrative characters and franchises via a new division, which has been appropriately dubbed "Marvel Television."

The top dog that will run this new section of Marvel Entertainment will be none other than Jeph Loeb, an Eisner award-winning graphic novelist who has left his mark on both the comic book and TV industries.

Dan Buckly - Marvel's publisher and president of print, animation and digital division - will work with Loeb in the new TV division as well.  The two will be involved in any animated or live-action TV projects that come to fruition in the future, as well as all direct-to-DVD ventures.

Marvel continues to shape itself into quite the entertainment powerhouse with this move, as several of its properties - Spider-Man and X-Men in particular - have been extremely popular TV series in the past and their appeal looks unlikely to waiver any time soon.  Between this and Disney's acquisition of Marvel last year, one wonders what the comic book enterprise will do next - however, I would advise that Marvel take a lesson from the Mouse House and resist the urge to buy any major sport teams in the near future.

Spider-Man and X-Men TV shows
Marvel TV shows have been popular in the past.

Loeb is best known in the comic book community for his award-winner Batman: The Long Halloween - which both David Goyer and Christopher Nolan have cited as an important influence on The Dark Knight - and the highly-revered Superman for All Seasons.  He does actually have a fair amount of experience in TV as well, having been credited as a producer/writer on Lost and Smallville, and as a co-executive producer on Heroes.  So he does seem a fitting choice for the job.

But what do you think?  Do you like the idea of Loeb heading Marvel Television?  Any thoughts on what Marvel animated/live-action shows you'd like to see in the future?  Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

Source: THR

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