Every Marvel TV Reveal From San Diego Comic-Con 2017

San Diego Comic-Con is always chock-full of information, casting news, trailer releases and more for all of your favorite movies and TV shows, and Marvel has been no exception this year. With big news on all its upcoming projects, Marvel has given out so much new information that it can be hard to know where to begin. Luckily, we've rounded up all the most important reveals - starting with all the TV news.

The Defenders

Netflix's upcoming miniseries, The Defenders, will feature the long-awaited reluctant team-up of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. The foursome will seek to defend New York City against Alexandra, to be played by Sigourney Weaver. Alexandra has influence and ties with The Hand, and is responsible for the resurrection of Elektra. Speaking at Comic-Con, Élodie Yung discussed her return, teasing a 'very bloody, very dark' Elektra. The Defenders cast also teased the relationship between Luke and Jessica, with Mike Colter using an analogy of 'naked and afraid' to describe their feelings towards each other. The last time the pair were together, Jessica put Luke in a coma, so there's bound to be some repercussions. However, Colter also pointed out that they're going to be quite busy, with a lot of stuff going on.

Finn Jones also had a lot to say about the arc of  his character, Danny Rand. After Iron Fist (more on that in a moment), Danny has some serious growing up to do. It's already been hinted in the trailers for The Defenders that Luke has issues with Danny and his attitude, and Jones described Iron Fist and The Defenders as phase one of Danny's story. It seems logical to hope, then, that we'll see a more mature Danny Rand by the end of it.

Weaver also had a lot to say about her character, hinting at Alexandra's respect for The Defenders, and adding that she probably would have liked to have them on side, if only they weren't so idealistic. A new promo also showed Alexandra in conversation with Madame Gao; a talk in which she quietly but firmly dominated, and Madame Gao had no choice but to accept all she said.

Lucky panel attendees were treated to the first episode of The Defenders in its entirety, and a new trailer also made its debut, featuring our heroes in action.

Iron Fist

The Defenders - Iron Fist (Finn Jones)

Iron Fist was the most unpopular of Netflix/ Marvel's offerings, but the streaming service is still willing to give the show another shot. Season 2 was announced at Comic-Con, with the added detail that it will include the character of Misty Knight (Simone Missick), who made her MCU Netflix debut in Luke Cage, and will also appear in The Defenders. Following on from that announcement, came the news that Scott Buck, the showrunner for Iron Fist season one, will not be returning. Instead, Raven Metzner will step into the role. Jeph Loeb confirmed the change of leadership, adding that Metzner's love of martial arts and Iron Fist made him the perfect candidate to take over. He also added that Iron Fist season one and The Defenders are only the beginning of Danny Rand's story.

The Punisher

Jon Bernthal as The Punisher

Set to arrive on Netflix sometime this fall, The Punisher stars Jon Bernthal as the titular antihero that everyone loved to hate and hated to love when he made his debut in Daredevil's second season. Given that The Punisher is Marvel's next Netflix show after The Defenders, it has had a relatively big Comic-Con presence, starting with the release of an impressive poster and logo. Bernthal also spoke about Frank Castle's military background, and how it will form an integral part of his character in the standalone series. So with a strong military component, and a antihero who only knows how to deliver justice with brutal violence, The Punisher is setting itself up to be a much darker show than any of the other Netflix Marvel shows. That was reinforced in The Punisher footage shown during The Defenders Comic-Con panel. While there was a sweet flashback of Frank with his daughter, there was also a scene of him killing someone with a sniper rifle, and choking a man in a NYC bathroom, while he pleads for his life. All in all, The Punisher looks and sounds very promising indeed; we're just waiting to get that all-important first trailer and release date.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage Realism

Luke Cage season 2 doesn't yet have a premiere date, but it's something fans are already looking forward to. Season one gave Mike Colter a chance to shine as the unbreakable superhero, in a show that was unique in its tone and character. Speaking at Comic-Con, Colter promised even more of a unique take for season 2, and a "relevant and pop-culture heavy show." Filming for season 2 is underway, but it was too early (and there was too many shows to cover) for Marvel to deliver any more than this little tidbit about Luke Cage's second season. Most likely the show will once again tackle relevant social issues head on, though, and it might even build towards Heroes For Hire. Hey, we can hope.


Moving away from Netflix, Marvel's Inhumans is set to make its debut in IMAX this September, and on ABC shortly thereafter. Unsurprisingly, the show had a big Comic-Con presence, kicking off with the release of an exclusive poster, which featured Lockjaw in a prominent position. A statue of the not-quite canine companion was also unveiled, and he's just as lovable (and large) as one might expect a teleporting dog to be. Inhumans also released a second IMAX trailer at Comic-Con, pleasing fans by finally showing Medusa's hair in action. The trailer was altogether much more impressive than the first one, and  gave confirmation that Attilan is indeed on the moon. It also strongly played on the rivalry between Black Bolt and his brother, Maximus that results in the latter staging a coup and overthrowing the Royal throne.

During the Inhumans panel, Jeph Loeb also revealed that the TV premiere of the show will deliver more footage than will be shown in the IMAX screenings; a sure-fire way to ensure those who attend the screenings will also watch at home. Finally, the panel also gave news on Ellen Woglom's character. She will play a human named Louise; an original character who does not appear in the comics. She does not possess any powers. However, she apparently has 'special knowledge' which makes up for lack of powers.

The Defenders will premiere on Netflix on August 18th. Iron Fist season 2, The Punisher, and Luke Cage season 2 premiere dates have not yet been announced.

Inhumans debuts in IMAX on September 1, 2017, and on ABC on September 29.

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