10 Marvel TV Show Characters That Should Have Received A Phase 1 MCU Film

Each of them could have contributed something unique to the wider universe and help further cement the legacy of the MCU.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has adapted a whole range of characters to the big screen. Phase 1 of the universe kicked off events with some of Marvel's most iconic heroes. Since then, many superheroes and teams that fans want to see on the big screen have been featured in TV shows.

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If we were to step back in time though, we could make an argument for many of these characters getting their own phase 1 film. Each of them could have contributed something unique to the wider universe and help further cement the legacy of the MCU. Here are 10 Marvel television characters that should have gotten their own phase 1 film.


The Spirit of Vengeance made his debut in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and recently had a TV show that was canceled, unfortunately. It appears there may be a future for Ghost Riderhowever, perhaps on Disney Plus, therefore, bringing the universe closer together.

Looking back though, it's easy to see how Ghost Rider could have fit into the larger MCU. There had already been two Ghost Rider films so audiences were familiar with the character. A reboot could have immediately opened up a darker side of the universe and he could have even had a cameo role in the first Avengers.


Both Cloak and Dagger have found success on Freeform in their own show. However, these beloved characters have a story that would have been perfect to tell on the big screen. To take a break from all these massive tales, Cloak and Dagger would have been a more emotional and smaller story.

It could have even been a way to cap off phase 1 showing the diversity of the franchise and the depth of its universe. It would have introduced some interesting elements to the series and set up the idea that this world is going to continue expanding to strange corners of the universe. Plus having the duo in the Civil War would have been amazing.


Mockingbird has also appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a mainstay of the team for quite some time. She was written out for her own TV show which she never received. The spy and espionage expert could have contributed a lot to the MCU though.

Introducing Mockingbird could have been a way to give more screen time to both Hawkeye and Black Widow ahead of the big crossover event. It could have introduced other agents like Sharon Carter and managed to flesh out S.H.I.E.L.D. more before it was revealed that Hydra had such an influence.

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Daredevil kicked off the Marvel universe on Netflix but when we revisit the history of the MCU it feels like Matt Murdock should have been a larger part of it. The man without fear is yet to appear in a Marvel movie although hopefully, that will change one day.

The casting for the characters involved in the production of the series was absolutely perfect, so it's a shame that we couldn't be introduced to them all in phase 1. Not only this, it would have opened the door for far more street-level heroes to populate this world.


Speaking of which, The Punisher would have also been a fantastic character to add to the MCU early on. Audiences were well versed in the mind of Frank Castle, so reintroducing him, perhaps without an origin story, would have meant we could get to the grit early on.

Although the rating of the film might not have been an R it would have set an interesting precedent. Creating a character that lives on the edge of all of this, waiting to serve his kind of justice, might have caused a lot of conflict amongst the heroes as the stories moved forward.


The Runaways were said to be part of a film development scheme for quite some time. The family-friendly group would have been a brilliant way to introduce perhaps some more teenage fans into the MCU. There's a level of representation in the group that isn't present in a lot of phase 1.

Not only this, it seems the team is a personal favorite of Kevin Feige who has mentioned them many times. Watching them go from strength to strength on the small screen shows us what they could have achieved if they were part of the larger universe much earlier.

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A She-Hulk series is heading to Disney Plus very soon, but what would have happened if the character was introduced alongside her cousin during phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The relationship between the two would have been really interesting to explore.

Moreover, as the universe started to move towards the debate over registering superheroes, Walters could have had a much larger role to play. As a lawyer, it's clear she would have been on Iron Man's side but could have added an extra element to the argument, through her intelligence and legal involvement with the community.


There have been a number of Inhumans appearing both in their own show and in the larger universe. Unfortunately, for the most part, the characters involved have been a major flop. However, if they had been part of phase 1 maybe things would have been different.

Not only would the characters have opened up a little bit more of a cosmic world before the Chitauri attacked New York, but they would have set a precedent for super-powered people across the globe. It provides an easy explanation as to why other heroes and villains have superpowers.


Speaking of street-level heroes, there was perhaps a perfect way to introduce the Heroes for Hire into the MCU. Rather than half creating them on Netflix, Marvel could have gone all out and put together a film in phase 1 that immediately showcased these great characters.

The roster could have included characters we've seen on Netflix such as Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing as well as introducing other characters much earlier like Moon Knight. This could have interconnected with the wider films, especially with a certain web-slinger.


Marvel has showcased a lot of very strong female heroes in the films and TV shows including Agent Carter and Black Widow. Jessica Jones as a character might be far more compelling however, because of the struggles she's overcome and her strength as a warrior.

Jessica could have been a big star in the MCU if she'd been added a lot earlier than she was. Giving this unique character a chance to play off of the other giants of the universe would have shown her grit and willpower. There's no other woman quite like her and it's a shame she wasn't part of phase 1.

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