Marvel Prepares Fans For The Death of Thor

Marvel has released a new video to help fans prepare for an imminent tragedy; the death of Jane Foster, The Mighty Thor.

Jane Foster made her debut as the new Thor back in 2014, after the "Original Sin" event left Thor unworthy to wield Mjolnir. For months, writer Jason Aaron carefully avoided revealing this new female Thor's true identity. When the truth was finally revealed, it proved to be a chilling one. Jane Foster was dying of cancer, but embraced the life of a superhero because she believed the world needed a Thor. Tragically, every time she used Mjolnir to transform into Thor, the magic reversed the effect of her chemotherapy. Every time Jane chooses to become the Goddess of Thunder, it takes her one step closer to death's door. Recent issues have established that one last transformation is all it will take to kill her.

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Marvel has released a disturbing new video reminding fans of Jane's journey in Marvel Comics. Matters are building to a head in the pages of The Mighty Thor, because Jane is right; the world does need a Thor. Asgard itself needs a Thor, as the War of Realms rages. Malekith has unleashed the deadliest weapon of all, persuading the god-killer Mangog to launch its latest attack on Asgard. Already Asgard's defenses are in ruins, and Thor Odinson, Frigga, and even Odin himself have been beaten down by the Mangog's righteous rage. Jane Foster has made her fateful choice, and summoned Mjolnir to her hand one last time.

As Aaron notes in Marvel's video, there's no going back; when your central concept includes a hero who is dying of cancer, the story has to have an end. Marvel's already teased that this can only end with Jane Foster's death; a promotional cover even paid homage to the iconic death of Captain Marvel. Appropriately enough, that graphic novel saw Jim Starlin write a heart-wrenching story in which one of Marvel's heroes fell to cancer. It proved to be a defining moment in Marvel Comics history, adding a real-world edge of tragedy to the comic book world.

Jane Foster's imminent death is sure to be even more heart-wrenching. Aaron's plot has been tremendously popular, and the female Thor has proved to be a terrific addition to the ranks of Marvel's heroes. And yet, the reality is that Aaron has always had a destination in mind. This is the way the story was always going to end; not with some last-second divine miracle, but with a very real and human tragedy. This latest version of Thor has been adored by her fans, and her death is sure to have just as significant an impact as Captain Marvel's back in 1982.

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