'Thor 2' Star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Talks Playing Kurse; Future Marvel Movies

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje talks Kurse in Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World is Screen Rant's most anticipated Marvel movie arriving in 2013. Alan Taylor brings his Games of Thrones TV show directing experience to the sequel, with the intent of producing tangible fantasy settings, emotional intrigue and political undercurrents that expose the power struggle between Asgard and other cosmic realms in Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is one new addition ready to make an impression in the second Thor installment, as Dark Elf Algrim the Strong (and the armored Kurse, later on in the film). He's spoken out about the costume and fighting style required to portray the latter character, while also hinting that his relationship with Marvel may be far from over after The Dark World hits theaters.

The Dark World pits the God of Thunder against the ancient race of Dark Elves, led by the wrathful Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston, Agbaje's G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra costar). Malekith's most powerful warrior is Algrim, introduced in "Thor" #347 as the greatest fighter in Svartalfheim. However, a treacherous move on his bosses part leaves Algrim severely injured, only for him to return as Kurse: an even more powerful foe, with enchanted armor permanently fused to his skin.

Oz and Lost alum Agbaje (a.k.a. Triple A) admitted to MTV that playing the Elfish villain Algrim with "blonde hair, blue eyes, pointed ears and horns" in The Dark World was a fantasy lover's dream-come true. He went into some detail about the experience of portraying the deadly Kurse:

"Kurse is the [role] where I do all the fighting. [The costume is] like, what, 40 pounds extra and the good thing about it it's very flexible... [The character] is very animalistic. He's got these horns, so what I did was try to go with that flow so my movements were very much like an animal. You had to contort your body and your head cause I've got these big horns on my head. Very, very different style from [Chris Hemsworth as Thor]. It was a great ride."

Agbaje teases that Kurse is "having it with everybody" and that everyone in the cast gets some stand-out moments - including, Tom Hiddleston as Loki - while also participating in what he promises are "amazing fights... I won't tell you what really happens, but there's some great surprises."

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje talks Kurse in Thor: The Dark World
Triple A becomes Kurse in 'Thor: The Dark World'

Lastly, when asked about appearing in future MCU installments, Agbaje answered:

"It's funny that you say that. As we speak, we're talking about that. Obviously Marvel is a great family that I'm happy to be working with. We had a great time on ['Thor'], so I'd love to continue that relationship."

Agbaje laughed off the suggestion that he might be among those vying for the role of Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy, but added (with a coy smile):

"I'm not talking about anything yet. I'm just talking about having a really good relationship with Marvel."

Obviously, it's best not to read too much into his answer. However, it's also worth noting that because Agbaje is essentially unrecognizable in The Dark World, that puts him in a unique position. That's to say: future rumors about him signing up to play a second character in the MCU might be somewhat credible (though, best to not immediately buy any wild Black Panther and/or Luke Cage speculation).

Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015 and Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015.


Source: MTV

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