Marvel Just Changed What We Know About Thor's Hammer Mjolnir

The latest issue of The Mighty Thor gives Jane Foster's hammer Mjolnir an incredible new power and possibly a great deal more.

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Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for The Mighty Thor #11 ahead.


With its different tone, Thor: Ragnarok promises to bring the Thorilogy to a close with a Nine Realms’ rending bang. However, Thor has been treading a different path than his traditional heroic self in the pages of Marvel as of late. The events of the “Original Sin” plotline left Thor Odinson depowered and his mighty hammer in the hands of Jane Foster.

Mjolnir, often thought to be the extension of and the source of Thor’s power, has always been an intensely magical item somewhat shrouded in mystery. However, Marvel recently revealed a new side to the Norse hammer which endows it with something altogether more startling.

In the recent The Mighty Thor story arc, Jane Foster’s Thor battles against several big baddies, including Roxxon CEO Dario Agger (in Minotaur form, no less), Silver Samurai, and Exterminatrix. During the fight, she’s shot with a “Midas bullet” by Exterminatrix, which begins to slowly poison her from within. On top of that, S.H.I.E.L.D. is about to arrest Thor after discovering her secret identity as Jane Foster when – to everyone’s shock, Doctor Foster arrives through a portal and removes the bullet from the wounded Norse Goddess.

After saving New York from being crushed by Roxxon’s floating island, The Might Thor #11 also answered a few nagging questions left from Jane's appearance (via CBR). Apparently, Mjolnir manifested its energy as Jane, making it possible for her to be in two places at once essentially. This new power of Mjolnir’s also sounds like a very limited function, as the hammer tells Thor “it took a tremendous amount of power to make today happen,” and that it could take a “century of rest” to enable the doppelganger feat again. Before leaving, though the mighty hammer does confirm its individuality, as well as the reason it chose Foster, before vanishing into the ether:

“Your heart is stronger than even your Thunder my lady. That's what makes you worthy. That's why I chose you.”

Previously, the massive lump hammer, composed of uru, a mystical Asgardian metal, has had several different origin stories. Generally speaking, its powers render those who wield it capable of superhuman strength, inter-dimensional/time travel (depending upon the incarnation), flight, the ability to remove toxins from its holder – which unfortunately, leaches Jane Foster’s chemotherapy and radiation from her – as well as a wealth of other impressive abilities which wax and wane depending upon the series and writer. While nigh-invulnerable, Mjolnir has been damaged from time to time, at one point, causing Doctor Strange to fuse it directly to Thor at one point.

However, the hammer’s ability to manifest as another persona is a brand new concept to the world of Thor. Not only does it offer a wealth of possibilities, including acting as a very occasional decoy, as it did in the latest issue. More importantly, it also suggests that, rather than an object of power, Mjolnir is a living consciousness capable of thought and emotion. This revelation could change the very fundamental nature of Thor. Fans will definitely want to tune in for “the Untold Origin of Mjolnir” in the next issue.

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The Mighty Thor #11 is currently available in stores and online. The Mighty Thor #12 arrives next month on October 19th.

Source: CBR

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