The Funniest Ant-Man and Thanos Butt Memes

One of the most hilarious memes has finally hit us full-force in the holy year of 2019. As we all prep for Avengers: Endgame, a dark fan theory has resurfaced. Ant-Man has quickly become the hot topic of the year, being omitted from Avengers: Infinity War, but picked up again for Avengers: Endgame.

While other theorists have focused on the fact that the new Avengers suits look like Quantum suits (as seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp), many of us choose to use our time and energy for top-tier shitposting. Yes, we’re talking about the amazing theory in which Ant-Man defeats Thanos by crawling into an orifice of choice and expanding from the inside.

Butts. We’re going full Tina Belcher on this.

Hold onto your butts, here are the funniest Ant-Man & Thanos butt memes.

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11 Climb Up His What?

The most popular Endgame meme right now is the “Avenge the Fallen” spoof posters. From Pixar to Transformers to animated shows like Trollhunters, no story with dead heroes is safe. Naturally, variants of the posters were made for the actual cast of characters in Endgame, including a “Language” caption over Captain America’s poster.

Keeping on-brand, Ant-Man’s poster was also given this treatment. Complete with the Avengers logo, it reads, “Climb Up His Anus.”

10 Ant-Man Can GET IT

Along the same lines as the above entry, we have another spoof poster with different wording. Sorry for the language on this one but(t) sometimes, you need a little crass humor in your life. Also, it’s really hard to keep a butt meme completely PG. Endgame is PG-13 anyways, Rocket Raccoon’s definitely said way worse in the first Guardians of the Galaxy alone.

Just laugh along. It’s funnier when you fully realize the caption is right over Paul Rudd’s head.

9 It’s All Ogre Now

No mass meme is complete without a Shrek reference. Dominating the meme scene since the early days of the Internet, Shrek once again takes his place at the top via a series of screenshots from Shrek 2.

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Anyone who grew up in the late 90s to early 2000s will remember this scene well. We’ve even quoted it on car rides. It takes the brightest of minds to properly adapt and photoshop something from our childhoods into this cursed, cursed world.

8 Some Test Footage

It hasn’t even been that long and already, someone managed to create Endgame test footage. Created by Daniel Patterson (@dpatt0 on Twitter), the video depicts Ant-Man scouting the perfect spot to enter Thanos.

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He jumps with enough force to rip through Thanos’s clothing...right into his butt. Please watch on repeat. It’s truly a work of art.

7 Right There

We won’t get into consent talk because that’s going a little too hard on a ridiculous fan theory, but we can’t discount anything at this point. Thanos could make the experience nice for himself. If he’s the master of reality, he could theoretically keep Ant-Man at a certain size and move him around a bit. He could also just kill Ant-Man, but this option and caption provide enough humor points to overlook logic.

6 You Should Have Gone for the Head

Some of the funniest jokes are based in reality. And really Thor, why did you go for the chest? Why didn’t you cut off the arm with the gauntlet? Or Thanos’s head?! A play on the (in)famous scene, we now see Ant-Man implementing the master plan. Thanos never saw it coming. Why go for the head when you can go for the butt?

5  5. We’re Sorry, Stan Lee

Stan Lee didn’t die for this, though he’d probably get a chuckle out of this. Or be very, very disappointed. Even with his years of comic book experience, nothing could have prepared him for this. So we’re sorry, Stan Lee. The Russo Brothers will make it up to you.

4 Claiming the Gru Meme

A few months ago, a meme came out featuring Gru of Despicable Me fame. It prompted a slew of hilarity, ranging from anime references to calling out aspects of daily life. It spread like wildfire, no corner of the Internet was safe. And suddenly, it just kind of stopped.

Now, a brave soul retakes it the meme in the name of Paul Rudd. Even Ant-Man seems skeptical of this plan.

3 Word of God

The Russo Brothers are not immune to memes! Nobody can escape! Recently, they updated their Instagram icon as a nod to the meme. Though this will never, ever, in any universe be the end of Endgame, it’s nice to see the directors having some fun too.

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In case you’ve never seen the icon up close or can’t zoom in enough to see it, here’s a summary. It’s a Venn diagram. The circles are purple. The left circle reads “Thanos’ left butt cheek,” while the right reads “Thanos’ right butt cheek.” In the overlap area sits a badly photoshopped picture of Ant-Man. Amazing.

2 Thanos’s Inside Story

We all got a good look into Thanos’s backstory in Infinity War and surprisingly, what little time we got with him made him more sympathetic. Mass genocide should never be the answer ever, but at least he was given clear motives and an impactful reason. After all, we’re all the heroes of our own stories.

That has nothing to do with this edit.

Courtesy of @TannithArt on Twitter, we get a lovely edit of the cover for Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. The game has nothing to do with anuses and everything to do with exploring. This meme? Yeah, it’s the other way around.

1 Josh Brolin? More like Josh BROlin

In response to the meme that took us all by storm, Josh Brolin posted a video response on Instagram. We really should’ve expected it. This man was in Deadpool 2. This man pushed Gamora off of a cliff. How did we not see this coming?

Instead of shutting down the theory like the Russo brothers did - which is fair and they did it in hilarious fashion - Brolin uploaded a 14 second video of himself sitting on a toilet, obviously constipated. Sometimes, the universe likes to remind us that we live in a brave new world full of silliness and actors who fully embrace it. Now can we talk about Josh Brolin’s arms?

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