Marvel TV Panel NYCC '11: Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk, Avengers Season 2 & More

marvel tv panel at new york comic con 2011

We already covered the DC Animated panel at NYCC '11 – which featured DC Universe animated features coming to DVD/Blu-ray – and yesterday, we covered the Marvel Television panel hosted by Vice President of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb.

The topics and television properties showcased in the panel were wide-ranging - from live-action (A.K.A. Jessica Jones, The Hulk, Cloak and Dagger, and Mockingbird) to animated (Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk: Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2).

There was a lot to cover, so we've sectioned our report in order of the topics discussed. You can jump to specific shows by using the links below:



Jessica Jones

The first part of the panel dealt with the "Live Action-in-Development" television properties in Marvel’s lineup (Jeph Loeb stressed the words “in-development,” as these shows are still in the planning stages). First up was the live-action ABC television adaptation of Brian Michael-Bendis’ acclaimed comic book, Alias (no relation to the hit J.J. Abrams show of the same name) which will be called A.K.A. Jessica Jones.

AKA Jessica Jones TV Show

  • The show, of course, could not be called Alias because of the aforementioned J.J. Abrams show on ABC.
  • Like the comic book, A.K.A. will see Jessica Jones as private detective in New York City trying to put her life together.
  • Carol Danvers (A.K.A. Miss Marvel) and Luke Cage (A.K.A. Power Man), both of whom are Avengers in the comic books, will appear in the show.
  • It was not elaborated on as to whether or not Carol and Luke will be superheroes, but if they’re “taking their cues from the Marvel movie universe,” we can probably assume that they will be to some degree.


The Hulk

Next up in the “Live Action-in-Development” portion of the panel was ABC’s The Hulk. Jeph Loeb revealed very little about that TV show, which is going to be produced by Guillermo del Toro, except that:

  • The show will deal primarily with Bruce Banner and Betty Ross’ relationship.
  • Special effects have reached such an advanced state that making a live-action Hulk show – with computer-generated Hulk effects – is totally possible.
  • For an idea of what Hulk will look like in the show, watch The Avengers (we’ll believe this last part when we see it).


Cloak and Dagger

Third on the “Live Action” slate was Cloak and Dagger, an ABC Family show aimed a teenagers, which will take place in a “post-Katrina New Orleans.” For those not in the know, the comic book is about two teenage runaways: 1) “Cloak,” A.K.A. Tyrone Johnson, a seventeen-year-old Boston boy who runs away to New York because his debilitating stutter prevents him from calling out to his friend and saving him from getting hit by a car. 2) “Dagger,” A.K.A. Tandy Bowen, an incredibly privileged rich girl who runs away from her home because her super model mother doesn’t have time for her.

Cloak and Dagger TV Show

One thing leads to another, the two runaways accept an offer to go to a shelter with strange men, the men forcibly take the runaways to a criminal chemist who tests synthetic heroin on them - and voila! They get superpowers (although this was later retconned so they were mutants all along, and the synthetic heroin simply triggered their x-genes).

Cloak’s power is his ability to connect to the “Darkforce Dimension,” as well as to become intangible and to teleport (by vanishing inside of his “cloak,” of course). Dagger’s power is her ability to create “light-based” daggers – which can heal people, if she so chooses – as well as to eliminate people’s addictions, whatever they may be.

It’s easy to imagine that the show will follow the above basic storyline, with the only key difference (so far) being the change of locale from NYC to New Orleans.


Mockingbird & Ultimate Spider-Man...

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