Marvel Superhero Movies Through 2011!

After the huge opening weekend of Iron Man, nobody should be surprised to hear a Shellhead sequel has been greenlit for a summer 2010 release - April 30, 2010 to be exact.

No, ladies and germs, the surprise is that Marvel Films has come outright and announced their entire slate of projects from now to 2011.

In addition to Iron Man 2, Matthew Vaughn's Thor will be unveiled to the world on June 4, 2010. If you recall, that was the one where the first draft of the script was estimated to have cost $300 million(!) to produce.

For 2011, the House of Ideas plans on launching a two-film series, both being released across the summer.

First, there's The First Avenger: Captain America for May 6, 2011. Ugh. Lose the front-half of that title for crying out loud!

And by July 2011, comic-book nerds and dorks alike across the world will rejoice in the release of The Avengers.

That's rights, you'll finally get to see Captain America, Iron Man, Thor & Co. team up to kick... some super villain's butt - I'm guessing Ultron. *Shrugs*

Interestingly, there's absolutely no mention of any Hulk follow-ups.

Speaking of Hulk, it's even more troubling that Marvel Films has still not kicked the campaign for The Incredible Hulk into full-gear, and it's release is only a month away; especially when compared to the year and a half of hard-core marketing on Iron Man.

I think it's obvious that just as Marvel Films knew they had a winner in Iron Man, they know that they don't with The Incredible Hulk.

I mean seriously, how else can you explain their silence regarding that film?!?

Sources: Variety and Yahoo

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