10 Movies To Watch Featuring Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Actors

We all know Chris Hemsworth as the dreamy God of Thunder, or Chris Evans as American’s best posterior, but where else can you see these heroes on the big screen?

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These ten films include at least one of the best superheroes of our generation, and what’s even better, is that they are actually worth the watch. If you need another fill of these dream boats, look no further!

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Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr John Watson
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10 Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Robert Downey Jr. AKA Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr John Watson

Sherlock Holmes (2009) has a whopping 7.6/10 on IMDb, and tells the story of the infamous Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Watson. If Robert Downey Jr. isn’t enough for you to watch this film, Watson is played by the brilliant (and also dreamy) Jude Law, also includes Rachel McAdams, and is directed by the artistic genius Guy Ritchie. Tune into this film for some classic RDJ jokes and some wicked detective brilliance. With action, humour, and some pretty impressive slow-mo scenes, you’ll finally have to ask yourself who Robert played better.

9 42 (2013) - Chadwick Boseman AKA Black Panther

42 Chadwick Boseman baseball movie Jackie Robinson

42 (2013) ranks at a 7.5 on IMDb, and takes place in 1947 when MLB legend Jackie Robinson becomes the first African-American baseball player when he is signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. While he tours the country, he is unable to separate himself from 1940s racism in America.

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Chadwick Boseman brilliantly tackles baseball, love, and racism in this riveting biography. He's practically the King in this movie, too, with some pretty impressive athleticism and magnanimity. Oh, it also has Harrison Ford.

8 Her (2013) - Scarlett Johansson AKA Black Widow

Joaquin Phoenix in Her

This 2013 futuristic, artsy treat doesn’t have the face of the beautiful assassin, but her voice acts as an operating system that a lonely writer falls in love with. With Joaquin Phoenix taking the lead role, this movie tells an incredible (and arguably cringy) tale of our relationship with technology. This film also features none other than Starlord himself, as well as Amy Adams, Kristen Wiig, and Rooney Mara. Prepare for some pretty awkward phone sex and clever (yet tragic) proof that love has no bounds. I’d like to see you not fall in love with Scarlett’s voice, too.

7 Gifted (2017) - Chris Evans AKA Captain America

This 2017 drama tells the story of Frank (Evans AKA America’s best ass) who is left to raise his niece, Mary, after his sister passes away. Mary is no regular child, but is rather a child prodigy. Frank fights to give Mary a regular childhood all in the midst of letting her fulfill her potential and battling for custody with his own mother.

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This movie also features Octavia Spencer, and Mary is played by the brilliant (and most famous female child actor of today) McKenna Grace. Spoiler: Chris Evans rescues some adorable cats, and adorable McKenna Grace breaks the nose of a bully. Need we say more? This movie will definitely make you laugh, melt, and cry.

6 Room (2015) - Brie Larson AKA Captain Marvel

Brie Larson - Room

Although this superhero is new to the Marvel universe, Brie Larson certainly isn’t new to the big screen. Room (2015) has an 8.2 on IMDb, and was even nominated for three Oscars. Brie took home the big one, winning Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. As a warning, this film is not for the faint-hearted, but tells the story of a young woman who is kidnapped and held captive for years. After giving birth to a son, the two work together to escape. This movie is brilliant, tragic, and doesn’t just stop at an intense escape – but rather depicts the woman’s struggle to cope. This movie might ruin you, but it won’t disappoint.

5 The Fundamentals Of Caring (2016) - Paul Rudd AKA Ant-Man

The Fundamentals of Caring with Paul Rudd has 77 percent positive on Rotten Tomatoes. Screen Rant Pretzer.

This hidden gem from 2016 received a 7.3 on IMDb, and definitely stole the hearts of all who watched it. The film follows a male teenager who is in a wheelchair after his mom hires a man (Rudd) to become his caregiver during the day. Paul Rudd, who is suffering from his own family loss, takes on the role and begins to work for the young man.

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The two form an unlikely bond and embark on a road trip that the shy boy has always dreamed of. This cringy, awkward treat has incredibly humor and tells a heartwarming story. It also includes Selena Gomez, and if that isn’t enough, we promise you won’t stop laughing the entire time. Brace yourself for teen innuendos and a surprisingly heartwarming scene where the young man urinates into the world's largest pit.

4 The Greatest Showman (2017) - Zendaya AKA MJ/Michelle

While Zendaya may play a small role in the Marvel universe, she does play a large role as Peter Parker’s leading lady in the Spider-Man films. Zendaya is also a force on the big screen. The Greatest Showman (2017) landed a 7.6/10 on IMDb, and follows a businessman as he rises from nothing to creating the world’s first circus, becoming a worldwide sensation. The soundtrack in this film is spectacular, as are the beautiful visuals and the tragic and heartwarming story. This film stars Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, and Zac Efron. As if we need to say anymore, prepare for some beautiful themes of race and individuality, and if that's enough, a duet between Zendaya and Zac Efron that uses trapeze ropes. Yeah, that's enough.

3 Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Tom Hiddleston AKA Loki

Kong Skull Island - Chinese poster

While this movie isn’t exactly the most spectacular piece of art, it is an incredible action flick with three of your all-time favorite heroes. This 2017 flick still managed to land a 6.6 on IMDb, and stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly, John Goodman, and John Ortiz.

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If that doesn’t grab your attention, maybe a giant gorilla on a gigantic island with action-goodness will. There will be chopper explosions, jungle hiking, and an eerily similar badassery of Larson to her superhero counterpart.

2 Spotlight (2015) - Mark Ruffalo AKA The Hulk

Spotlight wins the Best Picture Oscar in 2016

This 2015 Oscar Best Picture nominee tells the tragic tale of how the Boston Globe uncovers a huge scandal of child molestation, covered up by the Catholic Church. While this film will also tear you to your core and probably make you cry, its brilliance and truth is worth the watch. While Mark Ruffalo stars in this film, it also include Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Stanley Tucci. This crime drama is definitely worth your time, if you have the strength to get through it. This brutal truth is one that needs to be told, and definitely one that needs to be seen.

1 Wind River (2017) - Jeremy Renner AKA Hawkeye

While Hawkeye is often the punchline of all Marvel hero jokes, this film definitely makes the top of the list in our opinion. While this crime mystery drama also pulls at your heart strings and definitely is not for viewers looking for a fun time, this tragic tale takes place on a Native reserve in the middle of a brutal winter in Wyoming. It follows a hunter (Renner) who helps an FBI agent (Kelsey Asbille) investigate the murder of a young Native woman who was found sexually assaulted in the woods. This film was somehow missed by the Academy, but it is absolutely brilliant in all senses of the word. The direction, story, and acting will rip out your heart in a tragic but beautiful way. It deserves your time if you care about women/Native rights, family loss, and even some badass gun fights and standoffs.

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