Marvel Studios Reportedly Getting Special 10th Anniversary Logo

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To commemorate its 10th year in the movie business, Marvel Studios will be getting a brand new company logo next year, Kevin Feige said. Next May will mark Marvel Studios' first decade producing films, starting with the Robert Downey Jr.-led and Jon Favreau-directed Iron Man.

Feige's announcement came despite the fact that the current company banner has not yet even been in use for a year. During the annual panel at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel unveiled the current studio logo that been used on two of its last films -- Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  That, however, won't stop the studio from unveiling a brand new one in light of its upcoming 10th year anniversary next year.

Feige made the comments during an interview with a French magazine which was then translated by Twitter account @marvel_shots. Feige compared their next move to that of another successful franchise -- Star Wars, which has just gotten a special logo for its 40th anniversary. “Like Star Wars, Marvel Studios will have a special logo for the 10th anniversary of the MCU next year,” he reportedly said.

"Like Star Wars, Marvel Studios will have a special logo for the 10th anniversary of the mcu next year"

— Marvel.Shots(@marvel_shots) June 13, 2017

Obviously, Marvel Studios' 10th year is just a fraction of Star Wars' 40 years, but the former's relentless effort in pushing the boundaries of film storytelling through interconnected movies has been groundbreaking, to say the least. It opened up a brand new business and creative model in the movie industry that other companies are trying to replicate and that in itself is a very impressive achievement that merits a big celebration.

What is yet to be cleared up is whether the logo will be the one used moving forward or if it will be just a temporary one. Feige also did not mention when it will be unveiled. There is always the possibility that they will reveal it during next month's San Diego Comic-Con, as was done last year. For a more specialized event, Marvel can also unveil it a week earlier at D23. Further, it is uncertain if the studio will start using the logo with Black Panther, which is due this coming February or if it will debut when Avengers: Infinity War rolls out in May, which is the same month that Iron Man was released.

It is interesting to think about what the film industry might have looked like now if Marvel's risk 10 years ago didn't pay off -- it is possible that cinematic universes would not exist, or be as huge as they are today. In retrospect, Feige's gamble on Iron Man had the odds against him. The company was not nearly as strong as it is now, and if his little project failed to take off, Marvel may have lost out on some of its mot lucrative IPs. Fortunately, everything eventually fell into its rightful place with the Feige now comfortably sitting on the MCU's over $11 billion gross.

Source: Marvel Shots

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