Fan-Made Marvel Studios Intro Includes X-Men

A new fan-created video recreates the current Marvel Studios intro by incorporating the X-Men in the clip further exciting fans on the possibilities of a crossover.

Following the huge news that broke out earlier this week that Disney was reportedly looking at buying key components of 20th Century Fox, Marvel fans all over the world immediately had one thing in mind -- the idea that the MCU will finally collide with the X-Men is now within reach. One fan got ahead of himself, took the possibility and used it as an inspiration to reimagine the MCU's opening clip featuring a montage of the franchise's most iconic heroes and also including several key characters from the mutants who are currently under the Fox/Marvel banner.


YouTube content creator Salacious Robot came up with the short clip melding the two separate Marvel worlds. Using the current Marvel Studios intro that basically treads the history of the MCU with shots of Tony Stark testing his suit's gauntlet and Captain America throwing his shield, the video suddenly shows Hugh Jackman's now memorable berserk run in the woods in Logan, to Michael Fassbender's Magneto's iconic beach scene in X-Men: First Class and finally a facial profile of Patrick Stewart's older iteration of Professor X. You can check out the tweaked intro above.

Many thought that an Avengers/X-Men crossover was nothing but a pipe dream until the possible Disney buyout news broke out. It's no secret that for years, Marvel fans have been playing the what-if game regarding the X-Men finally coming together with the Avengers and all the other superheroes that co-exist in that reality in a project. The clamor for an eventual crossover was only heightened when Sony Pictures Entertainment finally allowed Spider-Man to be used in the MCU, resulting in an iteration of the web-crawling hero that everybody can get onboard with. While the X-Men is not as contained as your friendly neighborhood superhero, broadening the universe that they exist in would open up a lot more narrative opportunities for the film studio to explore.

Of course, from a fanboy's perspective, the crossover is a dream come true, but some are understandably worried about the potential repercussions that this deal will have should it push through. For example, there is criticism about the MCU movies being a little bit too formulaic and some are concerned we would not get R-rated films such as the critically-acclaimed Deadpool and Logan if everything was under the Disney umbrella, most likely catering to as many demographics as possible. Right now, the talks between Disney and Fox are dead, but if they ever resume and a buyout happens, we can only hope it would lead to more good than bad.


Source: Salacious Robot

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