With Disney’s biennial D23 Expo event well under way, Marvel Studios has seen fit to reveal a new logo that celebrates the first 10 years of their highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Disney’s D23 Expo 2017 has given attendees a first look at some of the company’s most anticipated films, including a confirmation on who will be filling in the main cast for Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin film as well as a firm release date for Tim Burton’s live-action Dumbo film.

On the Marvel side of things, the studio has finally started to reveal more concrete information on the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War film, including a full reveal of main antagonist Thanos’ (Josh Brolin) Black Order minions as well confirmation of Spider-Man’s (Tom Holland) Iron Spider armor appearing at some point in the film. Still, as impressive as Infinity War is turning out to be for fans, just as noteworthy will be Marvel Studios’ 10-year adventure to get there. Fittingly, the third Avengers film will be released almost exactly 10 years after the MCU film that started it all: Iron Man.

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Shown at the D23 Expo 2017 event and revealed on Twitter page MCU News & Tweets, the logo looks similar to the traditional Marvel Studios logo but with two major differences: Affixed at the bottom in red lettering are the words “the first ten years” as well as the “I” and “O” in “Studios” being replaced the number 10. For a closer look at the anniversary logo, look below:

The logo seemingly perfectly encapsulates Marvel Studios’ love of effective marketing and fits as a proper celebration of the MCU’s upcoming 10 year anniversary. Surely the logo will eventually and inevitably become part of Disney’s merchandising department before long and end up on shirts and hats alike, but that obviously remains to be seen. Could this even become Marvel Studios primary logo for a time, especially around the release of Infinity War? Again, there’s nothing definitive to say either way, but it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility for Marvel and its parent company.

Regardless, 10 years of the MCU is enough to expect a shake-up within the coming future. Kevin Feige has called Infinity War the “culmination” of everything that’s happened in the MCU so far, so a major change seems more and more likely. After all, fans will only respond positively Marvel products if they continue to push the envelope on universe-expanding film franchises and using the MCU’s 10 year anniversary as a launching pad for something new (be it cast changes or major character deaths) and possibly exciting seems right up the company’s alley.

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Source: Disney/MCU News & Tweets

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