Marvel Studios is Selling 10 Year MCU Anniversary Merchandise

Marvel Studios is now selling special MCU merchandise to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The Marvel Cinematic Universe turns 10 years old this May. What began in 2008 with Iron Man is now leading to a culmination in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige knows how special of a time this is and want to make sure the studio celebrates their accomplishment in a variety of ways. All of the details are not yet available, but they are planning to celebrate all year long.

Marvel has now unveiled a special 10 year anniversary logo for 2018, but really kicked off the party with the release of a MCU 'class photo' - the one previously teased by a number of stars. The image itself is something to behold, with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, producers, and directors all gathered together. They've also launched a massive giveaway to help fans be part of the celebration, though that isn't the only way we can all partake.

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Special 10 Year merchandise went on sale this morning on Amazon (via Marvel Studios News). The early offerings include premium and graphic versions of short sleeve T-shirts, as well as a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, and a hoodie. The prices vary depending on the preferred option, but they aren't unreasonable. The short sleeve graphic T-shirt is available for $27.99, while the premium version is $30.99. The long sleeve shirt is $37.99, the sweatshirt is $48.99, and the hoodie is $54.99. All options have the same design, reading "More Than A Fan" on the front, and then a full slate of every film released by the end of 2018 on the back.


As the first wave of merchandise from the 10 Year Anniversary line, the apparel will likely be a hot commodity for many Marvel fans. Marvel Studios is well aware that the fans and their devotion to the universe is part of what has enabled the MCU to continue on for 10 years, so having the "More Than A Fan" phrase leading the campaign is a nice touch. It also goes well with the banner previously released that reads "More Than A Hero", in reference to the dozens of superheroes who populate the universe.

Even though plans for future merchandise have not yet been revealed, it would be surprising if these are the only items Marvel Studios releases. More clothing options are sure to come, and that is likely only the beginning. Other forms of collectibles will most likely be on the way too. From posters, toys, and maybe even a mega box set of the films, there's many different ways for Marvel to further profit on their fans, while showing appreciation at the same time.

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Source: Amazon [via Marvel Studios News]

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