Marvel Strike Force Adds Pepper Potts Mark 1616 Rescue Armor

Marvel Strike Force Rescue Released

Marvel Strike Force is riding high off a recent win at the 2019 Google Play Awards, and developer FoxNext isn't resting on its laurels — the game is adding Virgina "Pepper" Potts in her iconic Mark 1616 armor as the superhero Rescue as its next character. Marvel Strike Force won the 2019 Google Play Awards' Best Breakthrough Game of the Year and has been a well-received mobile title noted for its depth and attention to detail.

Marvel Strike Force allows players to collect characters from the Marvel universe and use them to fight in turn-based battles. Characters range from heroes, villains, and generic SHIELD and Hydra characters, with multiple ways to collect them. Some characters arrive immediately, some are earned through gameplay, and others are available through shards earned during the game or by purchasing them in Marvel Strike Force's shop. Battles are divided into rounds, with character attributes determining who goes first, creating a mad scramble to give characters buffs and to deal damage to the opponent's team. The game also features five main game modes in Arena, Blitz, Raids, Challenges, and Alliance War, with each of them offering their own currency that can be spent on mode-specific items.

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Marvel Strike Force's newest addition will be Pepper Potts as Rescue, as she dons the Mark 1616 armor created for her by Tony Stark. Her armor suit features sonic disruptors that generate force field barriers, which makes her a character better suited to defense, although she'll also be able to contribute on offense. Rescue should provide more tactical flexibility for players looking for a solid all-rounder, though it's worth noting that she's not the fastest, so teams will have to compensate for that with smart compositions.

Marvel Strike Force looks primed to capitalize on the Avengers Endgame hype that has dominated pop culture since the movie's launch a few weeks ago. From a video game standpoint, it also seems like a relatively easy transition to get people interested in Marvel Strike Force to at least consider something like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which will be releasing on Nintendo Switch later this year on July 19.

While mobile gaming remains something of a taboo for some gamers who've yet to come around on the platform, Marvel Strike Force represents the positive elements in a well-made handheld device title. The gameplay is deep, the details regarding the property are deliberately and carefully recreated, and the developer is clearly willing to support it with continued character editions. Marvel Strike Force's Rescue debut is yet another reason to give the game a try, and should make current players eager to try new team compositions moving forward.

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