25 Hilarious Spider-Man Vs Iron Man Memes Only True Fans Will Get

At the moment, Spider-Man and Iron Man are two of the most popular superheroes thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland currently plays everyone's favorite web-slinger and Robert Downey Jr. portrays the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. 

Many actors have played Peter Parker in live action movies and TV shows before Tom Holland, but many people see him as the perfect fit, including Stan Lee himself.

Iron Man, on the other hand, has only ever been played by Robert Downey Jr. and people find his portrayal of Tony Stark so accurate that they compare him to Stark in real life. 

Iron Man kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his first movie back in 2008 while Spider-Man's debut would not come until 2016 in Captain America: Civil War due to copyright feuds between Marvel and Sony Pictures.

Despite their differences, Marvel is now allowed to use Spider-Man with limitations which has given Tony Stark a lot of character development because of his relationship with Peter Parker. 

While their relationship is humbling and one of the saddest moments in Avengers: Infinity War, the two superheroes have made for a ton of hilarious memes.

Your Spidey-sense will surely tingle with laughter after you see these 25 Hilarious Spider-Man Vs Iron Man Memes Only True Fans Will Get. 

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25 Peter Looks Up To Captain America?

Even though he is almost 22, it is easy to see Tom Holland as a 15-year-old in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Ever since his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War, it was easy to see that Peter Parker was trying hard to impress his superhero friends especially Mr. Stark. 

One scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming shows Parker trying to take down the Vulture and his associates but things do not go according to plan. The Vulture ends up cutting a ferry in half and nearly taking the lives of everyone on board. 

Spider-Man swings to the rescue and tries to tie the ferry together with his webbing but ultimately could not hold it together. Iron Man then flies to Spider-Man’s rescue and saves everyone aboard the ferry. 

This little stunt was just Parker trying to prove himself to Mr. Stark but it ultimately makes him lose his Spidey-suit. While the scene did not necessarily play out like the meme shows, it would have been hilarious if it actually played out this way. 

There has always been a rivalry between Captain America and Iron Man, which saw its peak in the third Captain America.

While Parker probably looks up to Tony Stark the most as a role model, this meme indicates that Spider-Man thinks Captain America is better than Iron Man in the most savage way possible. 

Mr. Stark is going to need some ice for that burn. 

24 Spidey Riding In Style

Every superhero has a unique way of getting around town. Some heroes fly, while others may swing through the sky or run really fast to get to their destination. There are multiple methods of transportation in the comic world, some of which are classier than others. 

As this meme shows, Iron Man has his suit of armor, Batman has the Bat-Mobile, and Spider-Man has, well a bicycle. Yes, we know this set photo is from Spider-Man: Homecoming when Spider-Man stops a bike thief but it is still funny none the less. 

Iron Man and Batman are two of the more wealthier superheroes, while Spider-Man is just a broke high school student trying to make ends meet.

While a bicycle may not be the most luxurious way of traveling, it beats the Spider-Man 2 moped which Peter Parker used to deliver pizzas. 

Tony Stark can give Peter a fake internship, a cool suit, and be someone to look up to, but Parker still does not have enough money to buy a sick car.

Then again, we have all seen what happens when he is behind the wheel of a car so maybe tossing him the keys to a new Bat-Mobile is not such a great idea. 

23 Pepper Potts And Peter Parker Share Clothing

Even though Tony Stark is seen bringing many women home early on in his superhero journey, Pepper Potts was a long time love interest for him. 

Peter Parker may have never met Tony Stark’s girlfriend but they do have the same sense of style when it comes to clothing. Peter is often depicted as being a very bright young man especially when it comes to science.

This trait of Peter Parker makes his T-shirt at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming make sense, but Pepper Potts can be seen wearing the same shirt in Iron Man 3. 

The shirt depicts two atoms talking to each other making a funny pun about one atom losing an electron and the other asking him if he is positive.

Anybody with a general gist of physics and chemistry will get the joke but that still does not explain why Potts and Parker have the same shirt. 

This meme shows the two scenes of the movies as well as Tony Stark confronting Peter Parker about the coincidence. 

Maybe they both shop at the same Walmart or maybe there is something darker that Peter is keeping from Tony. Regardless, Tony Stark should probably tone it down on how often he hits on Peter’s aunt. 

22 Iron Man And Batman Making It Rain

While we may never see Batman and Iron Man together on the big screen since they are from different comic universes, it is still fun to imagine what they would be like if they met. 

If you think about it, the two characters share a lot of similarities. Both Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are incredibly rich but do not actually have any superpowers.

Their superpower is their wealth. They both also love women and are not afraid to show off how much money they have with lavish purchases and stunts that most people could only dream of. 

Peter Parker, on the other hand, has never really been very wealthy. Depending on what comic you are reading his age will vary but for the sake of connecting with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Parker is a young man making his way through high school on a low budget. 

If Batman and Iron Man were to ever meet you can bet they would have a standoff and try to prove that they are better than each other. They might even be as childish as throwing money at each other just to show off how much they have. 

You can also bet that Spider-Man would be there to pick up the dollar bills and loose change that the heroes would carelessly waste. 

21 Tobey Just Wants To Be Included

Tobey Maguire did have an incredible run as Spider-Man. He played the famous web-slinger in a total of three movies all of which the great Sam Raimi directed. The trilogy ran from 2002-2007 before the fourth installment was canceled and Tobey Maguire was replaced by Andrew Garfield. 

Tobey Maguire’s acting career certainly has not ended, but it is not as great as it used to be either. He has only been in eight titles in the past eleven years so Hollywood certainly is seeing less of Maguire nowadays. 

Tom Holland has done such an incredible job playing Peter Parker that it is hard to imagine anybody else filling the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Even though it would never happen, it is fun to imagine what the MCU would be like with Tobey Maguire instead of Tom Holland. 

First of all, Spider-Man would not be able to be in high school anymore and would likely be a more experienced version given Maguire’s age. Tobey Maguire seems to be doing okay without the role of Spider-Man but who knows how he would actually act if he somehow got on the set of an Avengers film.

Even though he may never get to play with the Avengers, at least he will always be a part of Leonardo Dicaprio’s posse. 

20 Parker Is Puzzled By Mr. Stark

Peter Parker might be a straight A student, but there are some puzzles even he can not figure out. It does not happen very often but one such scenario took place in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

As the meme shows, the scene we are talking about comes when Tony Stark tells Peter Parker he can keep the advanced Spider-Man suit. While telling Parker what he wants him to do, Stark says, “Don’t do anything I would do and definitely don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

It may not be expressed through dialogue but Tom Holland’s face says it all which shows how great of an actor he is. Holland has the look of pure confusion and determination like he is trying to solve a complex math problem in his head.

On the other hand, Peter Parker might just be overcomplicating things since he is so caught up in taking the first steps to becoming an Avenger.

We think we would all be a little caught off guard if Tony Stark said to keep an awesome Spider-Man suit. This scene shows what a lot of people’s reactions would probably be.

This meme is one of many instances when Parker just got caught up in the moment. 

19 Spider-Man Is Obviously Cooler, Dad

Robert Downey Jr. may not seem like it at first glance, but he is quite the family man. The actor was married to Deborah Falconer for twelve years from 1992-2004 and together they had one son named Indio. 

Deborah Falconer used to be an actress but is currently a musician releasing albums like “Untangle” and “Brave Like Me”. Falconer and Downey eventually separated and Robert Downey Jr. married Susan Nicole Levin in 2005. 

Together, Susan and Robert have two children named Exton Elias and Avri Roel Downey. Avri is only three years old so she cannot really pick a favorite superhero just yet, but Exton has picked his and it’s not Iron Man. 

The six-year-old has made it quite clear that he prefers Spider-Man over Iron Man. On more than one occasion people have spotted Robert Downey Jr. and his son hanging out and Exton is wearing Spider-Man shirts. Spider-Man is great and all, but not many people can say their dad is Iron Man.

Robert Downey Jr. has played Tony Stark for more than a decade yet his son clearly prefers another superhero. Sorry RDJ, it looks like you just have to try harder in the next phase. 

18 Iron Man Is Literally Spider-Man’s Teacher

It is clear that Peter Parker is trying to learn everything he can from Tony Stark. Parker is defiantly enthusiastic about becoming a superhero but he is smart enough to know that he still has a lot to learn. 

It would not be too much of a stretch to say that Tony Stark is a role model to Peter Parker especially because of the way they interact in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War.

While there is little context behind this meme, it basically sums up Spider-Man: Homecoming in a nutshell. 

It appears that at some college of unknown origin, a teacher came to class dressed as Iron Man. One of the students joined in on the fun and came dressed as Spider-Man. Now it could be during Halloween time or maybe it was just some event on the campus, but either way, this is one way to get kids interested in learning. 

Spider-Man is quite rebellious in Spider-Man: Homecoming but he is still essentially learning the superhero ropes from Tony Stark.

The image of Iron Man giving a power point is funny enough but the student sitting up straight and listening attentively makes it even funnier. 

17 Tony Stark Overload

Comic fans were no doubt thrilled when it was announced that Spider-Man was not only going to appear in Captain America: Civil War, but he was also going to be getting his own solo movie.

While people were excited for obvious reasons, the movie did receive some criticisms before it was released. 

One criticism Spider-Man: Homecoming saw was in the marketing side of the film. An official poster that was released for the movie was less than satisfactory. It featured not only images of Spider-Man and Iron Man, but also of their alter egos Peter Parker and Tony Stark.

If that was not enough, the poster also featured some of the minor characters like Happy Hogan and Michelle. 

With all of the characters, a skyline, and different types of explosions and embers, the poster simply looked too cluttered. There were other posters released for the movie that were more minimal but people still photoshopped and made fun of this design. 

Fans were also worried that with as popular as Iron Man was that the movie was basically going to be a fourth Iron Man movie with Spider-Man thrown in.

Thankfully, Jon Watts did justice for the character and most fans were pleased with the outcome. 

16 Spider-Man Will Fight Captain America For Money

It is no secret that the famous wall-crawler is often strapped for cash. Everybody has been there and going to high school can be tough for a multitude of reasons. One part of high school for a lot of teenagers is finding a job so that they can start to support themselves and pay for college. 

Some kids might find their first job flipping burgers or working in retail, but Peter Parker got one of the coolest jobs around; being a superhero.

He, of course, eventually finds the Daily Bugle which is his main source of income but one would hope saving the world comes with some type of paycheck. 

Spider-Man is a useful ally and when it came to Marvel’s Civil War, Spider-Man was on the fighting lines alongside Team Iron Man. This did not come as too much of a surprise since Tony Stark basically took Parker under his wing but Team Captain America was probably less than thrilled to be battling a teenager that was this strong. 

It obviously is not canon, but the meme above jokingly indicates that Tony Stark persuaded Spider-Man to fight by his side in exchange for a little pocket change.

A little pocket change for a Stark is probably at least a couple hundred so Parker probably made a good deal. 

15 Pepper Potts Is Replaceable

If you look at any list that has to do with difficult actors, you will probably find Gwyneth Paltrow on the list.

It’s no secret in Hollywood that Gwyneth Paltrow can be hard for other actors to work with since she apparently makes many demands and was even voted “Most Stuck-Up” in Movieline magazine. 

The world may never know if this is the reason why she did not appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it could be one explanation. Paltrow is also a fairly big starlet at this point so having her in the movie when the film is already employing dozens of famous actors may have just been out of the budget.

In Avengers 2, it is said that she was too busy running Stark Industries to join the party but this could have just been to write her character out of one film. 

Even though it seemed like she might turn into the next Natalie Portman and just be written out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her character later appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War.

Paltrow was only at the end of Spider-Man’s solo movie possibly because Stark found another woman that he liked-- Aunt May. 

In Infinity War, Tony seemed pretty devoted to Pepper, but this meme humorously jokes that Tony could become Uncle Tony to Peter if he were to become romantically involved with Aunt May. 

14 Star-Lord Is Excited About Spider-Man

Tom Holland may not have shown up until Captain America: Civil War but Peter Parker actually had a cameo in Iron Man 2. Near the end of the second Iron Man, Tony Stark’s rival Justin Hammer unveils a group of armored droids that he forced Ivan Vanko to build for him.

Iron Man not only has to defeat an army of drones, but Ivan Vanko himself. To make matters worse, James Rhodes War Machine suit was hacked into by Hammer and Vanko so Stark has to save his best friend while the suit is trying to end him.

In one scene one of the droids is searching for Iron Man and finds a young boy with a toy Iron Man helmet on.

The child slowly raises his hand and before the giant robot can crush the boy, Iron Man swoops into the rescue and blasts the droid. Before he takes off he says “Nice work kid” and the child watches him fly away.

Many people have theorized that this was a Peter Parker easter egg, and Tom Holland confirmed that fans were right. The same scenario played out in Captain America: Civil War when Spider-Man swipes Captain America’s shield.

Whether this was a shout out to Iron Man 2 or simply a funny coincidence is yet to be decided, but Chris Pratt’s Andy Dwyer reaction pretty much sums up what everyone was feeling.

13 Peter Just Needs A Hug

Most people are aware of Spider-Man’s origin story despite there not being one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony has covered his story not once but twice in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy as well as Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man.

Marvel didn’t feel the need to include the origin story a third time and the decision was probably for the best.

We all know that Peter Parker got bit by a radioactive spider which gave him the powers to do everything a spider can.

In almost all of his origin stories, his Uncle Ben's life also ends which gives Parker motivation to fight crime. Peter’s parents are also usually absent with varying storylines on what led to their demise.

It was never confirmed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it is safe to assume that Peter Parker not only thinks of Tony Stark as a role model but as a father figure.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming Peter’s parents are nowhere to be found and Aunt May appears to be single.

With no male influences to be found, it is not hard to see why Parker would aspire and look up to Stark.

This comic illustrates the hilarious scene in Spidey’s solo film when Parker hugs Stark and even elaborates on the joke depicting it happening multiple times. Come on Mr. Stark, Peter just wants some love!

12 Spider-Man Caused The Civil War

If you type in "Civil War memes" on the internet, you are bound to find a ton of them. There are dozens that depict Captain America and Iron Man bickering about the pettiest of things which lead to the Marvel Civil War.

The film strayed away from the comics when it came to the cause of the superhero Civil War. A big debate in the film is deciding whether the Government should have more control over the Avengers.

Due to their mass amount of collateral damage over the years of trying to save the world, people have started to ask whether the Avengers are doing more harm than good.

The United Nations present a document that would regulate the Avengers actions and determine where and when they fight.

Iron Man is all for having more government control after accidentally creating Ultron and after being guilt-tripped by a grieving mother but Captain America is completely against the accords.

This causes the heroes to take sides and fight in an epic showdown but what if the Civil War was actually caused by Spider-Man?

As this meme suggests, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are bickering about who should play Spider-Man which not only breaks the fourth wall but also gives longtime Spider-Man fans a chuckle.

11 He Is 15, Tony, Get It Right

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given fans one of the youngest versions of Spider-Man to date. In Sam Raimi’s trilogy he was a senior in High School and throughout the trilogy, it showed him graduating and going to college.

In the first The Amazing Spider-Man movie, we see Peter Parker in high school and in the second film he graduates so the first two versions of Spider-Man were roughly the same age.

The newest version, however, is considerably younger with Tom Holland portraying a prepubescent Peter Parker. In fact, the character is only 15-years-old and a Freshman in High School.

While Peter is in fact 15, Tony Stark continually calls Parker 14 even saying, “Everyone else said I was crazy to recruit a fourteen-year-old kid” to which Peter replies, “I’m fifteen.”

It was a funny gag in the film which is exaggerated in this meme which shows Tom Holland sporting a fake mustache.

Peter obviously doesn’t want to be treated like a little kid so maybe he should wear a fake mustache to look older. Holland may not be able to pull it off, but at least it looks better than Henry Cavill’s face in Justice League!

10 Tom Holland Brings Out His Inner Rihanna

Peter Parker is very eager to save the world and become an Avenger. He is very enthusiastic in Spider-Man: Homecoming but is often treated like a little kid because of his age.

Tony Stark even put a limitation on his suit called the Training Wheels Protocol, which Parker and his friend Ned are able to hack into.

In a heartbreaking scene in Homecoming, Tony Stark tells Peter Parker that he has to give his Spider-Man suit back because of the incident with the Ferry. Parker is for obvious reasons heartbroken and says he is nothing without the suit. Tony tells him that he doesn’t deserve the suit if that is the case.

By the looks of it, Peter Parker will do pretty much anything to earn his suit back, which he eventually does.

This meme mashes up the scene from Spider-Man: Homecoming with a scene from Lip Sync Battle. In the third season, Tom Holland faced off against Zendaya and performed the song “Umbrella” by Rihanna.

Fans thought his act was hysterical so it fits perfectly with this scene from Homecoming. With as snarky as Tony Stark is, having Peter Parker dress like a woman to get his suit back does not seem out of the realm of possibility.

9  9. Give It Up Sony

When it comes to Marvel characters, there are not very many that Disney does not own. Their wide variety of characters means that they have a lot of heroes to chose from when it comes to making the movies. That being said, there are still some that are off limits. 

For the time being, groups like the X-Men and Fantastic Four are still off limits. Disney was set to buy 20th Century Fox but now it seems like Comcast is going to give them a run for their money and try to get most of 20th Century Fox’s property. 

Other than Fox, Sony still owns Spider-Man even though they are allowing him to appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Sony has had some trouble getting a Spider-Man franchise up and running but are trying again with Venom. 

With Spider-Man being their only real hope of producing a great superhero movie, they are not too keen on selling the film rights to Marvel Studios.

As this meme basically sums up, Spider-Man is one of the few franchise potentials for Sony.

If the studio is relying this much on Spider-Man, maybe they should not have him and let him come home to Marvel. 

8 Was Taken

Some superheroes have a hyphen in their name while others do not. Each spelling is unique such as Batman having no hyphen, Iron Man having a whole space in between the two words, and Spider-Man having a hyphen in his name. 

Many may have always wondered what makes Spider-Man so special that he gets a hyphen and the mystery has been solved.

According to this fake conversation between Iron Man and Spider-Man, he spells his name with a hyphen because was already taken.

He also seems to like it because the hyphen looks like a web in between the two words. 

Obviously, this is a fan-made conversation so this reasoning is just for laughs but in case you are wondering, Stan Lee did put the hyphen in for a specific reason.

At the time of Spider-Man’s creation, Superman was all the rage and Stan Lee did not want his web-crawler to be confused with DC’s Man of Steel. 

It makes sense since both characters’ names start with a S and since they both wear red and blue in their costumes. This reasoning seems a bit more realistic but the little hyphen still does look like a little web. 

7 Even Superheroes Have Homework

Tom Holland may be almost 22-years-old, but Peter Parker is still a youngster in High School. All high school students have homework and almost all of them dread having to do it.

There are, of course, the select few like Peter Parker who excel in school and has no problem flying through their studies. 

Peter Parker is seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming constantly texting and calling Happy Hogan trying to figure out when the next Avengers randevu is coming up.

Hogan is busy trying to move Stark Industries to another building so he is less than concerned about what some fourteen, we mean fifteen year old is up to. 

This results in a hilarious montage of Spider-Man doing friendly neighborhood tasks like stopping a bike thief, giving an old lady directions, and doing flips for street vendors.

Just Like Tom Holland appears in this meme, Peter Parker is very eager for bigger jobs and is not afraid to almost be creepy with how often he tries to contact Mr. Stark. 

The image of Robert Downey Jr. is from Due Date but it could easily be his reaction to finding Peter Parker hanging on to the side of his personal jet. 

6 Spidey Is In Trouble

Spider-Man is in trouble quite often. There are many foes Spier-Man has faced over the years some of which have been adapted for the big screen while others were just too silly to make it out of the comic pages.

While Spider-Man does get into trouble with his enemies, he doesn’t get into that much trouble at home.

Peter Parker is usually portrayed as a pretty good kid and does not get into too much trouble with his teachers or with Aunt May. That being said he does get into some trouble in Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

While his intentions were good, he did hack into a multi-million dollar suit and do things that Tony specifically told him not to. Like we said before Tony Stark is sort of like a father figure to Peter Parker which is important to understand this meme. 

Many people know when they are in trouble and it only takes one look from their parents for them to know it.

Once Spider-Man saw Iron Man after the unfortunate ferry accident, he knew he was in trouble. Parker may be good at heart but this was not one of his proudest moments. 

5 Spidey Likes His Pizza

Because of their popularity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man and Spider-Man would probably come in at the top of lists that break down people’s favorite superheroes.

When it comes to lists of popular foods, you can bet that pizza will be found somewhere on the list. 

With the wide variety of choices for pizza toppings, people can make pizzas any way they like. Many people like pizza and apparently Spider-Man is included based off of this meme. 

Spider-Man must like pizza especially since he was a pizza delivery driver in Spider-Man 2. One of the best places around to get pizza is in New York so Spidey is in luck.

Pizza day is probably a favorite day for many students but imagine if you not only missed pizza day but missed it because you were saving the world or battling Captain America.

This won’t happen to any student in the near future but it probably happens in the comic world to Peter Parker on a weekly basis. 

Some people are grumpy in the morning without coffee, but Spider-Man can get grumpy without his pizza. At least Spider-Man is able to burn off all those calories that come with pizza!

4 Spider-Man The Iron Man

Depending on what comic or movie you pick up, Spider-Man will have varying levels of experience fighting crime. With his little experience fighting crime prior to Spider-Man: Homecoming, it did not come as too much of a surprise when Tony Stark did not trust him with big responsibilities. 

Peter Parker knows that with great power comes great responsibility, but Stark probably didn’t think Parker knew that.

Throughout the movie, it seemed like Spider-Man would do anything to become the next Avenger but by the end of the movie when the opportunity was offered to him, he backed down and decided to be just the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

If Parker would have put on the Iron Spider suit at the end of Homecoming, who knows what he would have been thrown into. He could have become the next Iron Man.

While becoming the next Iron Man could be awesome, it could also be a real downer if by Iron Man they meant literally ironing clothes. 

This meme uses a double entendre to show that Spider-Man was tricked into doing the Avengers’ laundry when he was just excited to become an Avenger himself. Let’s be real though, we’d be pretty disappointed too. 

3 Uncle Tony

Even though Spider-Man: Homecoming gets a lot of unwarranted heat for having the characters be a lot younger than fans are used to, it was ultimately a good move for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One character that we are used to seeing as old and grey-haired is Peter’s Aunt; May Parker. 

Despite previous actresses Rosemary Harris and Sally Field being on the older side, Marisa Tomei is the same age as actor Robert Downey Jr. who is 53. Tomei is by no means old and grey-haired which became a running gag in the movie. 

Even though he loves Pepper Potts, Tony Stark could not help hitting on Peter’s Aunt. Imagining Tony Stark dating Aunt May is about as weird for fans as it would be for Peter Parker. Parker looks up to Tony but probably would not want him to become Uncle Tony. 

In the scene shown above from Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man is comforting Peter Parker but without context or dialogue, it could be mistaken as Stark threatening him.

The text attached to the meme shows Stark standing over Parker and telling him that he is his new Uncle. 

Putting yourself in Spidey’s shoes… or spandex suit, this would be a fairly frightening moment. 

2 Spidey’s Secret Identity

In Captain America: Civil War, the feud between heroes stemmed from the Sokovia Accords. The Accords, in short, would limit the Avengers jurisdiction and put more government control over the team. In the comics, it was a little different. 

In the comics, the government still wanted to control superheroes but by making them agree to The Superhuman Registration Act. The Act would force heroes to come forward and reveal their true identities to the government and document any superpowers they had. 

Many superheroes keep their identity a secret so that their foes will not seek revenge on their family members and loved ones.

Other superheroes like Iron Man decided to reveal their identity to the public which happened in the iconic scene at the end of the first Iron Man. 

In the comics, Captain America was very against the Registration Act while Iron Man was all for it. For those who have not read the Civil War comics the meme might be a bit confusing but given the context of the comics, it becomes quite humorous.

Spider-Man is on team Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War but since the movie did not follow the comics it did not matter that Spidey kept his identity a secret. 

1 Aunt May And Tony Get A Bit Too Close

Spider-Man: Homecoming was every bit a superhero movie as it was a comedy. While some Marvel movies can get carried away with the level of comedy, Spider-Man as a character is supposed to be extremely humorous so it worked out nicely. 

One of the jokes in the movie comes when Ned helps Peter disable the Training Wheels Protocol. Spider-Man takes his suit out in the middle of the night to track down the Vulture and his goons but the advanced options on his suit confuse him.

One suit setting can instantly end enemies and turns Spider-Man’s eyes red. Spider-Man quickly turns it off as he does not want to fatally harm anybody, but what about when Tony gets a bit to close to Aunt May. 

Tony continuously hits on May throughout the movie probably partly because he likes picking on people and wants to annoy Peter. Tony did just give a fifteen-year-old a multi-million dollar suit though so maybe he forgot it comes with this dangerous setting?

Spider-Man would never actually end Tony Stark but the meme itself still a packs a punch when it comes to comedy. The world needs more little nuggets of comedy gold such as this. 


Are there any other Spider-Man or Iron Man memes that crack you up? Sound off in the comments!

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