Marvel's Spider-Man TV Show Teaser Confirms Summer Premiere

While Superman and Batman took a majority of the headlines last year, there is one other superhero that can compete for the title of greatest of all-time - Spider-Man. Marvel Comics' flagship character stands shoulder to shoulder with the titans of the industry and is preparing for another breakout year in 2017.

The web-swinger will most notably make his return to movie theaters this summer, with his first solo film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Actor Tom Holland is the latest performer to bring the superhero to life and judging from his performance in Captain America: Civil War, he's on track to take Peter Parker to even greater heights. However, the local theater won't be the only place that you can catch the adventures of Spider-Man.

A brand new Spider-Man TV show is coming to Disney XD this summer called Marvel's Spider-Man, which will follow the teenage adventures of Peter Parker. An announcement teaser for the series is now available online (via IGN) and it features the wall-crawler shooting webbing directly at the screen while delivering a youthful howl, before a reveal of the series' new character design and logo.

New Art for Marvel's Spider-Man Animated Series featuring Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales, and Peter Parker

Marvel's Spider-Man - much like the cinematic version - will focus on the early days of Spider-Man, as he tries to cope with high school life while balancing his newfound powers. The series is headed by story editor Kevin Shinick (Robot Chicken) and director Philip Pignottie (Marvel’s Avengers Assemble) and looks to be another authentic take on the Marvel Comics' legend, while repackaging the property for yet another generation. It's premiering on Disney XD, which is quickly gaining credibility as a hub for quality family entertainment, particularly after their success with Star Wars Rebels in recent years. The Lucasfilm show has managed to attract both kids and their parents with complex stories, that are set against visually appealing environments. It would seem logical that the same type of appeal is being built into this upcoming Marvel series.

The new show will certainly have its share of attention and pressure. It's following Ultimate Spider-Man, the longest-running animated Spidey program ever, which happens to be staging its series finale on Saturday, January 7th. So, while the upcoming show will be going "back-to-basics," it will have a challenge to establish a new identity and differentiate itself from previous incarnations.

There have also been rumblings that Marvel's Spider-Man will star more than simply Peter Parker. The rumor is that both Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy will star alongside Parker as Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen respectively. Clearly though, this announcement trailer wants the focus to be solely on the original web-slinger instead. Either way, it's a great time to be a Spider-fan.

Marvel's Spider-Man premieres in the summer of 2017 on Disney XD.

Source: IGN

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