Patton Oswalt is Uncle Ben in Marvel's Spider-Man Video

A behind-the-scenes video from Marvel's Spider-Man unveils Patton Oswalt's voice work as Uncle Ben in the new animated series. While Spider-Man: Homecoming continues to dominate at the box office, both Marvel and Sony are gearing up for new animated projects involving various wall-crawlers. Sony will release a film focused on Miles Morales late next year. Meanwhile, Marvel will be following up Ultimate Spider-Man with a new show set to air on Disney XD in a little over a week.

Dubbed simply Marvel's Spider-Man, the new series will focus on Peter Parker as he struggles to balance being a high school student and a superhero. We've already seen a clip from the first episode, teasing Peter's Spidey Sense in action. A recent short also retold Spidey's origin and put the spotlight on a number of supporting characters who we will see in the series. Among them will be Uncle Ben (Patton Oswalt), Peter's chief mentor and the person whose memory he honors in all he does as Spider-Man.

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Marvel has unveiled a featurette from Marvel's Spider-Man that offers new insight into Oswalt's character. In the video, we see Oswalt recording his lines for a number of scenes and get to hear from the actor and comic fan, with respect to what attracted him to the role of Uncle Ben.

Oswalt is a huge comic geek, something he's put on display in his various stand-up specials. He's also been able to translate that love into a recurring series of roles on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where he plays the various Koenig brothers. Now, he'll be helping to bring one of Marvel's most iconic characters to life.

Spidey, of course, will need all the guidance he can get. We recently learned that Venom, Jackal, and a number of other Spider-Man rogues will be featured in the new series. The villains will also help to usher in a variety of story arcs from the comics, including Spider-Island.

While Marvel's Spider-Man isn't taking a new approach to the character, the return to a more intimate and grounded story will serve as a nice contrast to the fantastical and zany Ultimate Spider-Man. After the success of Homecoming, Marvel and Sony are both keen to cash in on the hero's increased profile. Of course, fans will also benefit from the move, as 2017 will be packed full of Spider-Man material.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man premieres August 19 on Disney XD.

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