Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home Countdown Is A Big Miles Morales Tease

Marvel is beginning to put Spider-Man: Far From Home more on everyone's radar. The company launched a countdown clock to the film's theatrical launch - and choosing the day that it did as the launch allowed for a tease related to another version of Spider-Man... Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to be the second solo film to come out of Marvel Studios and Sony's deal that struck a partnership in 2015 to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland has so far played Peter Parker three times and has two more appearances - Avengers 4 and Far From Home - lined up. It is clear to see there's a rejuvenated interest in Spider-Man on the big screen, but it is Spider-Man: Far From Home's position as the start of Phase 4 that has many fans anxious to see what is in store. There have been plenty of leaks from the set, but almost no official looks from either studio - save for Holland's appearance on a late night talk show, which officially revealed one of Spidey's new suits.

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For their part, Marvel looks to be preparing for the Spider-Man: Far From Home's marketing campaign to begin later this year by setting up a page on their website. The page is almost entirely empty, but the lone use for the page is the countdown clock for Far From Home's release. Marvel launched the page on November 6, leaving 240 days to go until it hits theaters. Although many may not think anything of this, the number 240 has a special tie to Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Spider-Man #240 was the final issue Brian Michael Bendis wrote that starred his beloved comic creation. Here's the cover art for the issue:

Now that we've brought this to everyone's attention, is there a reason for this or just a coincidence? Spider-Man: Homecoming did have a few moments of Miles-related set up and is this Marvel taking things a step further? Donald Glover's character, Aaron Davis, is Miles' uncle in the comics, and he even made mention of the fact that Spider-Man needs to protect the city for the sake of his nephew. A deleted scene even specifically name-dropped Miles, so Marvel is clearly planting seeds for him to be introduced.

It is difficult to ever say that something related to the MCU is a happy accident, but that is what this specific tease feels like. There's been no signs of Miles making an appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and even if he does, he'd be a child at this point in the timeline. Since Spider-Man #240 was Bendis' sendoff to Miles, this possible Easter egg would be the exact opposite. At this point, this is merely a fun tidbit to point out and by no means a clear sign that Miles will appear. Marvel's notorious secrecy and planning could always make it possible, but it is more likely that Far From Home will continue to set up Miles subtly then have him actually appear already.

After all, Miles is a major comic character and a favorite one of many, so introducing him as merely an Easter egg could do him a disservice. Interest in getting a live-action Miles is surely high, but Holland's Peter Parker is still in the early years too. While he continues to thrive, Sony is going to give Miles a major stage with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He'll likely be an even more popular character after the animated movie hits, so Miles' introduction - while not in Far From Home - could be in the next MCU Spider-Man film. Whether Miles appears, is mentioned by name, or not set up at all, Spider-Man: Far From Home can still work more in "teases" like these.

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